King's Fall (Age of Triumph)

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King's Fall (Age of Triumph)
Type Raid
Location Dreadnaught
Players 6
Tier 1 Level 390


King's Fall (Age of Triumph) is the Light Level 390 version of King's Fall released in Age of Triumph.

Challenge Modes

Warpriest Challenge

A different Guardian must hold the 'Aura' each time

Golgoroth Challenge

You CANNOT lose his Gaze, each member of the Fireteam must cycle through it until the 6th person. After the 6th person has held it for so long, Golgy will lose interest and the process is then repeated.

Oryx Challenge

Detonate all 16 bombs at the same time for one glorious health melting take down. Then, meet him at the front to take him down for good (Or until Bungie re-releases the Raid in D2) - When detonating the bombs, middle guys, SHOOT ORYX IN THE CHEST, if you do not do this correctly he WILL NOT take damage.

Loot Table

See also: #Loot

Chest After the Beginning

Chest at the Left Side of the Ship Part





Warpriest Challenge

Maze Chest




Golgoroth Challenge

Jumping Puzzle Chest





Other Items

Oryx Challenge


See also: #Loot Table


Exotic Weapons

WeaponTypeDamage TypeAttackImpactRate of FireRangeStabilityReloadMagazine
Anguish of Drystan (Adept)Auto RiflesArc400287721605451
Zaouli's Bane (Adept)Hand CannonsVoid320–40068–70329–4211–542911
Smite of Merain (Adept)Pulse RiflesSolar320–40014–156641–6843–665130
Doom of Chelchis (Adept)Scout RiflesVoid320–40048–493748–6035–5840–4818–20

Legendary Weapons

WeaponTypeDamage TypeAttackImpactRate of FireRangeStabilityReloadMagazine
Harrowed Anguish of Drystan (Year 3)Auto RiflesKinetic365–40028–297721–2449–965451–63
Anguish of Drystan (Year 3)Auto RiflesArc320–40028–297721–2449–965451–63
Harrowed Midha's Reckoning (Year 3)Fusion RiflesVoid365–40094–9540–4310–56454–5
Harrowed Zaouli's Bane (Year 3)Hand CannonsKinetic365–40068–70329–4211–542911
Harrowed Qullim's Terminus (Year 3)Machine GunsSolar365–40053–556615–2539–669–1652–70
Harrowed Smite of Merain (Year 3)Pulse RiflesKinetic365–40014–156641–6843–665130
Harrowed Elulim's Frenzy (Year 3)Rocket LaunchersVoid365–4001848–58382
Harrowed Doom of Chelchis (Year 3)Scout RiflesKinetic365–40048–493748–6035–5840–4818–20
Harrowed Silence of A'arn (Year 3)ShotgunsSolar365–40061–62147–1733–84206
Harrowed Defiance of Yasmin (Year 3)Sniper RiflesArc365–40022–242656–7346–74414


Titan Armor

Harrowed War Numen's Boots (Year 3)Leg Armor365–40047–7947–7947–79
Harrowed War Numen's Chest (Year 3)Chest Armor365–40051–8651–8651–86
Harrowed War Numen's Crown (Year 3)Helmets365–40038–6538–6538–65
Harrowed War Numen's Fist (Year 3)Gauntlets365–40034–5834–5834–58
Mark of the Old Challenge (Year 3)Titan Marks365–40021–3521–3521–35

Hunter Armor

Cloak of Seven Bones (Year 3)Hunter Cloaks365–40021–3521–3521–35
Harrowed Darkhollow Chiton (Year 3)Chest Armor365–40051–8651–8651–86
Harrowed Darkhollow Grasps (Year 3)Gauntlets365–40034–5834–5834–58
Harrowed Darkhollow Mask (Year 3)Helmets365–40038–6538–6538–65
Harrowed Darkhollow Treads (Year 3)Leg Armor365–40047–7947–7947–79

Warlock Armor

Harrowed Chasm of Yuul (Year 3)Chest Armor365–40051–8651–8651–86
Harrowed Grasp of Eir (Year 3)Gauntlets365–40034–5834–5834–58
Harrowed Mouth of Ur (Year 3)Helmets365–40038–6538–6538–65
Harrowed Path of Xol (Year 3)Leg Armor365–40047–7947–7947–79
Worm Gods' Boon (Year 3)Warlock Bonds365–40021–3521–3521–35

Other Items


Weapon Loadout

Relics Weapon Loadout

Primary: if you're running either side, your main antagonist will be the Taken phalanxes which attempt to knock you around when the glass walls come up. I've had success with every weapon type here, so I imagine you'll use items here that match your choices for the below sections. Personally, I'm a fan of Pulse Rifles. If you have a weapon with Outlaw, that's perfect for much of the raid as you'll be making a lot of crit kills.

  • Avoid: nothing, really. Low impact pulses, low-impact scouts and low impact hand cannons won't be too user friendly, but whatever floats your boat.

Secondary: this will be your go-to method of breaking down the glass walls. Personally I just use Black Spindle and 2-shot the buggars (as my raid loadout only changes once, after Golgy), but shotguns will work really well if that's what you're worried about. I was with someone today who was using a Wormwood on the things from a distance that worked wonders, so don't rule out sidearms if you can't be bothered to change from your Crucible loadout before you start...

Heavy: Machine Guns are super against the mobs in the middle. Rockets will clear them out very handily too, although I wouldn't get too attached to your Rocket Launcher...

  • Avoid: swords I suppose? I'm sure someone has found a use for them.

Ships Jumping Puzzle Weapon Loadout

Totems Weapon Loadout

Primary: here's where things get technical. Your foes will be a mix of Acolytes, Thrall, Wizards and Knights. On either side, you want to be operating at maximum efficiency on mob duty, otherwise you'll be overwhelmed by Acolytes. This means one-shotting the bastards as they jog out of the doors. At the moment, at 400 light on the 310 raid, a mid-high impact such as sigh Hung Jury SR4 or Doom of Chelchis will one-shot them. In the old days, you needed something like Cocytus SR4 or Colovance's Duty to do that.

HOWEVER. On Crota's End, you'll have noticed that Scouts can not one-shot 390 light Acolytes (NB not tested with Chaos Dogma or a Badger CCL with Explosive Rounds. They might do the trick?). What this means is that every time you see an Acolyte, you will need to pull the trigger twice to kill it, no matter your flavor of Scout. Whilst you're faffing around with that on Totems, another one has run out the door and is shooting little bits of black hole at you, or the Boomer has spawned, etc etc.

What will consistently one-shot Acolytes are Pulse Rifles (think mid-high impact archetype). Steel Medulla would be great because of the extra agility (always nice), and a Firefly Smite of Merain will be your best friend. Hand Cannons will also do the job, but you'll be two-shotting any Acolyte further than three meters away, so unfortunately they're out of the question unless your range stat is very high.

  • Avoid: High impact Scout Rifles. Mid-high do the same job and they do it faster (they're still a goddamn liability though). Auto Rifles might work, but generally they're a bit of a liability unless they're called Genesis Chain (awesome weapon, works great on Acolytes and Thrall). Hand Cannons are out because Bungie gutted range, and also because a big problem many people run into on Totems is running out of primary ammo - HCs have such a low reserve that this almost becomes a guarantee.

Special: A Sniper Rifle. We'll see how much impact you need to one-shot Boomers at 390, but I'm going to say play it safe and go for a 1KYS archetype upwards. I just use my Black Spindle. Crucible vendor is currently selling a good Event Horizon, Solar no less, so you literally have no excuse not to be prepared for this raid with decent precision damage weapons. "But, I don't have a good sniper!" is not on the list of acceptable things to say next week as I'm glaring at the fusion rifles on your loadout. Solar is preferred because it can burn down Wizard shields.

  • Avoid: fusion rifles. Shotguns can have a small role as long as no more than one or two people have them - there are some mean ass yellow bar Knights in this fight. Swordbreaker perhaps? Otherwise, don't bother. Sidearms, similarly useless because of ranged battles.

Heavy: Machine Guns in Solar flavor will be a great asset to your team, as you can use them to quickly burn down Wizards and control the mobs that spawn in the center. [[Quillim's Teminus[[ is an excellent choice. Razelighter might be a sensible choice if you're struggling with those yellow bars.

  • Avoid: Rocket Launchers unless you're being REALLY stubborn about them. I guess they could be used here, but honestly don't get in the habit of carrying a Rocket Launcher into KF.

Warpriest Weapon Loadout

Primary: as above, Scout Rifles are going to make you work for those Acolyte kills. The absolute last thing you want as the Aura holder is for you to put one shot into an Acolyte, and for it to duck back into cover, killing you and likely causing a wipe - remember, the Acolytes take cover when you ADS at them, and the longer you ADS, the more you're fucked. You want weapons that can consistently kill Acolytes with a single trigger pull from any distance. AKA mid-high impact Pulse Rifles. This is also because Ogrelytes are a very real possibility, and you don't want those ducking back into cover after you hit them once.

  • Avoid: anything with Firefly or Explosive Rounds. These can cause the Aura holder to accidentally kill more than one mob at a time, which will eat through your Aura stacks. Exotic weapons - you need your special/heavy to be exotic.

Special: Black Spindle, Ex Machina, vendor Event Horizon or your favorite PvE god-roll sniper. Nothing else will do. You will need to be pumping as many rounds as possible into the boss.

  • Avoid: everything else. Using your primary against the boss because you think Chaos Dogma is somehow better than a sniper at boss DPS.

Heavy: either a decent Solar Machine Gun for Wizard duty, or your trusty Sleeper Simulant. I actually don't know which is better, Sleeper or Spindle, but there's nothing more satisfying than the synchronised thump of six Spindles laying into Warpriest. Your mileage may vary, please let me know in the comments if you think Sleeper is better here.

Golgoroth Weapon Loadout

Primary: same notes as before on Pulse Rifles v Scouts. Up to you, but I recommend a decent Pulse. The main threats here are Acolytes and Taken Thrall, so use what makes those manageable. The gaze-holder should use a weapon with Outlaw, as Golgy's spitballs count as precision kills when destroyed - having speedy reloads really helps.

  • Avoid: exotics, high impact Scouts, Auto Rifles that aren't Genesis Chain, etc. YMMV with Hand Cannons, you might find it tricky grabbing the gaze.

Special: Black Spindle. Practically compulsory. If not, that vendor Event Horizon is sitting there calling out for you. I'd use my Triple Tap / Casket Mag 1KYS if I wasn't running Spindle. You get the idea.

  • Avoid: literally anything else. You have no excuse, you've been warned. Don't use your primary.

Heavy: A decent machine gun to pump into his little tummy once your sniper runs dry. Hopefully you got an HQT to drop from Warpriest - upgrade it.

  • Avoid: for the love of God, NO ROCKET LAUNCHERS. Golgy DPS is dependent on Crit damage, which you can't do not matter how much you wish you can. Rockets are useless in this fight. Don't use Sleeper Simulant. Golgoroth is bugged somehow, and It does about the same damage as a Sniper shot, it is not worth the firing/reload time. If you see anyone using Sleeper on this fight, pass the knowledge on. Maybe they'll fix it, but it was still the case yesterday and today on my 3x runs this week.

The Dickwall Weapon Loadout

Primary: many people opt for Touch of Malice, as it does really reliable high damage when you're in an immunity Aura (like you'll be for all your DPS in this fight). When it's in Final Round mode, it should also one-shot the Taken Vandals that spawn at 43 seconds. Don't use it on the Taken Acolytes or Taken Centurions unless you're immune - just use grenades, supers and heavy ammo. If you don't have it, use whatever's comfortable for you vs Taken enemies.

  • Avoid: telling people not to use ToM. Above all, it's reliable and risk-free DPS whilst in the Aura. Also, don't tether the Daughter because it makes her cover her face with her hands.

Special: A backup sniper rifle just in case you don't fancy ToM-ing your vandal, or a good sniper rifle as above if you don't have ToM.

  • Avoid: fusion rifles, shotguns, sidearms for obvious reasons.

Heavy: A Machine Gun for mob cleanup is always handy. If you're really bloody-minded you can use a Rocket Launcher to clear the mobs as they spawn, but take note that you'll be making yourself look silly.

  • Avoid: Sleeper Sim - it does good damage, but you'll probably miss because your fool of a Nightstalker tethered the boss. Risk is too high for the reward.

Oryx Weapon Loadout

Primary: I use Touch of Malice, as I personally find that a team of a few ToMs is the most reliable way of staggering Oryx (no need for Heavy ammo or Super energy). You might have your exotic slot taken up by Sleeper Sim, so in that case I'd recommend a Scout or Pulse that can take out groups of Taken foes in short order. Some people switch to another Primary like Red Death for the Thunderdome sections, but personally I think spending time in your menus for anything other than Synths is a recipe for an accidental death and then a wipe. Hopefully you'll get lucky with an HQT with Leech Life, so you can farm the teams of Taken Thrall for HP. Or, just do the same with ToM which has the same thing built in...

  • Avoid: No Land Beyond.

Special: A decent sniper as above to tackle the Shade of Oryx which spawns in the Thunderdome. Triple Tap, Casket Mag etc etc. This will double up as your backup for helping the middle teams kill Ogres, and for killing your Light Eater knight from a distance. A technical note - at 320 light on the 310 raid, a single 1KYS shot was NOT enough to one-shot these special Knights. Unfortunately the only thing that could was Black Spindle, and we couldn't afford to waste an exotic slot there. Nowadays, we have access to Event Horizon and Ex Machina, both of which should do the job. Who knows, maybe 1KYS will be enough for the Knights at 390, but I somewhat doubt it - be prepared.

  • Avoid: anything not sniper-shaped.

Heavy: A decent machine gun to clean up mobs should you wish to avoid damaging yourself with ToM. As noted above, a Leech Life HQT is the best option here. It also serves to lay down DPS on Ogres. Sleeper Simulant should be your go-to heavy for the center team, as Blessing cheese is firmly in the past. It should melt those Ogres in short order. Precision damage is king in this raid. Some teams might consider running 6x Sleeper instead of ToM, which is totally understandable - Tuesday pending, I might switch to endorsing that strategy if Ogres become a PITA. The Aura holder might consider using Razelighter against the yellow bar Knight, but personally I just ToM him down or Nova Bomb as I walk back to the middle. Doesn't seem worth wasting your exotic slot on, but YMMV.

  • Avoid: you guessed it, Rocket Launchers.

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