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Effect Precision kills cause a powerful solar explosion in a 5-meter radius.
Description Precision kills with this weapon cause the target to explode.

Firefly is a weapon perk.

Effect: Precision Kills cause a powerful solar explosion in a 5-meter radius.


Fatebringer (Year 1), Praedyth's Revenge (Year 1) A.1F19X-Ryl, The Aries Nemesis X4, The Calling

Tips and Tricks

It has been observed that the damage at or near the epicenter of the Firefly explosion created by a fully upgraded The Saterienne Rapier is identical to the headshot damage created by that same fully upgraded Saterienne Rapier. It is requested that more research be done to determine if the damage from the explosion created by Firefly is identical to the headshot damage of the gun that created the explosion.

Unlike other types of explosions (Rocket Launchers, Grenades), the explosions caused by Firefly do not harm the Guardian that caused the explosion.

A small, non-important, non-detrimental glitch has been noticed with Firefly. If a Shank is killed by a Firefly explosion (though not if it is shot with a weapon with the Firefly ability), the Shank falls straight down to the ground, and does not complete its death animation (rolling along the ground before exploding). Close inspection of these dead Shanks reveals that their propellers are still spinning, and, in most cases, their eyes are still glowing orange. It is unknown if these dead Shanks can be moved through force such as the explosions from Rocket Launchers, or if their bodies can be dissolved, such as from Nova Bomb or Fist of Havoc.