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Type Scout Rifle
Level 20
Item Level 60
Rarity Legendary
Damage Type Kinetic
Attack 248-300
Impact 61
Rate of Fire 27
Range 77
Stability 40
Reload 52
Magazine 16
Zoom 20
Recoil 76
Equip Speed 22
Aim Assist 39
Sights Red Dot-ORS, Focus Lens FLA5, QuickDraw IS
Perk 1 Final Round
Perk 2 Firefly
Optional Perks Field Scout, Lightweight, Armor Piercing Rounds
Acquired by Purchased from Vanguard Quartermaster
Vendor Vanguard Quartermaster
Cost 150 Vanguard Marks
Description Trepanning is the art of cutting the skull open to let the gods in.

A.1F19X-Ryl is a level 20 Legendary Scout Rifle. A.1F19X-Ryl can be purchased from Vanguard Quartermaster for 150 Vanguard Marks.



Special Perks

Optional Perks

Damage Upgrades

Tips and Tricks

  • My own first scout rifle, the A.1F is a marksman scout rifle, sporting a slow fire rate, decent recoil, and heavy impact and damage. Headshots and critical hits are key here. Tough to use in the PvP as most of the maps favor engagements simply not meant for this weapon. However, it still can be wielded effectively if one adopts a stationary position in an area with long sight lines. It's a perfect compliment for snipers out there who desire more effective range in their sidearm.