Armor Piercing Rounds

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Armor Piercing Rounds
Effect Allows your bullets to penetrate multiple enemies but lowers stability of weapon.
Description These iridium-core rounds overpenetrate targets. Their mass slows down weapon handling.

Armor Piercing Rounds is a weapon perk.

Effect: It allows your bullets to penetrate and damage multiple enemies but lowers your weapon's stability. For example, if a bunch of enemies line up one behind another, your bullet can penetrate through them and dealing damage to a bunch of them. Sniper Rifles with this perk allow the players to shoot through certain walls and covers. However it does not allow you to fire through Defender's Ward of Dawn.


A.1F19X-Ryl, Bad Juju (Year 1), Corrective Measure (Year 1), Crusader I, Doctor Nope, Eye of Sol III, Shadow Price (Year 1)

Tips and Tricks

  • It can be useful in Vault of Glass. For example take the parts of VoG that mobs spawn in a hall/tunnel and come out at you - such as the gatekeeper phase. Though you can see the Vex eyes / core before they come out of the tunnel you cannot shoot them and they cannot shoot you. With armor piercing rounds you can shoot the mobs before they come out and start shooting at you. On top of that it's generally very easy to hit them in their weak spot because they're walking at you in a straight line and the rounds will go through multiple mobs because they're all lined up.

Shooting through Walls in The Crucible


  • Twilight Gap - My person favorite, people try to use the same sniper lanes the entire game, you probably know which ones I'm talking about. Well, when people take cover behind a box, or ducking behind the small guard rails, just shoot anyway, and be happy.


  • First Light - B turret area can shoot into C with windows. Can shoot in or out of A because of windows.


  • Shores of Time - Shooting from the B Heavy Ammo spawn into B. Doesn't matter if they hide behind a rock or not. Also, shooting from the Bravo spawn towards C. You can shoot through the Rock and the Tree that people take for cover.


  • Blind Watch - The very bottom door of the B Building, watching the door from A. People will hide behind that pillar thinking they are safe.
  • Firebase Delphi - Can shoot from B room into room below B due to skinny window on south wall. Can also shoot into B from the hanging box platform in the middle of the two big doors.