Fatebringer (Year 1)

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Fatebringer (Year 1)
Fatebringer (Year 1)
Type Hand Cannon
Slot Primary Weapon
Level 20
Item Level 60
Rarity Legendary
Damage Type Arc
Attack 248-300
Impact 81
Rate of Fire 22
Range 40
Stability 32
Reload 33
Magazine 12
Zoom 17
Recoil 95
Equip Speed 36
Aim Assist 61
Sights SteadyHand IS, SureShot IS, Quickdraw
Perk 1 Firefly
Perk 2 Outlaw
Perk 3 Oracle Disruptor
Optional Perks Field Scout, Single Point Sling, Explosive Rounds
Acquired by Vault of Glass
Description Delivering the inevitable, one pull at a time. A Year Two version, called the Imago Loop, is also available. It's like Fatebringer except silver.
See also: Fatebringer (Year 3)

Fatebringer (Year 1) is a level 20 Legendary Hand Cannon. Fatebringer is dropped from Vault of Glass.



Special Perks

Optional Perks

Damage Upgrades

Tips and Tricks


  • Precision Kills make reload faster than my sex life any other hand cannons.

((Editor on 11/29/16: This is so funny I'm not even gonna change it. -ckwkeys)) This saved me from numerous situations when enemies just run towards me and I have little to no ammo left.

  • Good AoE damage in PvE
  • Magazine size.
  • Frees up an exotic slot.


Upgrades are not that good.