Anguish of Drystan (Adept)

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Anguish of Drystan (Adept)
Anguish of Drystan (Adept)
Year 3
Type Auto Rifle
Slot Primary
Level 40
Rarity Exotic
Damage Type Arc
Attack Cap 400
Description "Engines dead. Do we still have Earth signal? Tell them we were wrong!" —Capt. Drystan Cor, First Fleet
Impact 28
Rate of Fire 77
Range 21
Stability 60
Reload 54
Magazine 51
Recoil Direction 85
Equip Speed 90
Aim Assist 45
How to Obtain
Engrams No
Xur No
Activities King's Fall (Age of Triumph)


Column 1

  • Will of Light - This weapon deals bonus damage against Taken enemies.
  • Infuse - Consume a more powerful Weapon to boost the Attack value of this Weapon.

Column 2

Column 3

  • Cocoon - When stowed for a short time, this weapon is automatically reloaded from your reserves.

Column 4

Column 5

  • Crowd Control - Kills with this weapon grant bonus damage for a short time.

PvP Profile

  • Time-to-Kill: 0.93s (5 crit shots and 3 body shots), 1.20s (10 body shots)
  • 28 damage per crit shot, 22 damage per body shot

Pros and Cons

  • Pros - Very high recoil direction. Above average stability.
  • Neutral - None.
  • Cons - Below average range and mag size. Very low reload speed. Low aim assist.

Recommended Perks


Really trying to take the title of worst weapon in the game from Bane, the Anguish of Drystan is an aptly named competitor. With the only positives to this weapon being the easy to control recoil thanks to high recoil direction and decent stability, I once again cannot fathom an opportunity where this weapon would shine. Below average range, which really hurts for a weapon in this archetype, combined with poor aim assist just means this weapon is mostly causing Anguish to the user, instead of enemies. Linear Comp, as almost always, is the best choice for the barrel perk thanks to the increased impact, range, and recoil direction. Braced Frame is the best perk in the middle column, but it will drop your mag size down to 26, which is pretty low overall, but average for the impact class. In the last column Life Support, Crowd Control, and Eye of the Storm are all usable, but nothing is going to salvage this weapon.