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Stormcaller using Stormtrance
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Stormcaller is the arc Warlock subclass that will come with The Taken King, Destiny's 3rd expansion. Stormcaller's super, Stormtrance, chain Arc Lightning from your hands.


Stormcaller is unlocked after completing the Warlock quest The Stormcaller's Path. Players can obtain the quest from Warlock Vanguard in The Tower. To unlock the quest, players need to complete prerequisite Warlock Quests.


Stormtrance (Super) - Chain Arc Lightning from your hands.

Thunderstrike (Melee) - Deliver an electrocuting Arc melee strike at extended range.

Storm Grenade (Grenade) - This grenade calls down a localized lightning storm.

Pulse Grenade (from Striker) and Arcbolt Grenade (from Bladedancer)

Glide (standard Warlock jump)

Stormtrance1.jpg Stormtrance2.jpg


Ability Perks


Ionic BlinkPress L3 to teleport during Stormtrance.
LandfallOn casting Stormtrance, fire a bolt of lightning into the ground, creating a devastating shockwave under you.
Superconductor (Perk)Doubles your Stormtrance lightning’s chaining capabilities.


AmplitudeYour Thunderstrike has greater range
Chain LightningYour Thunderstrike chains to another nearby enemy.
Rising StormHits with Thunderstrike charge your Super, Grenade and Melee energy


Balanced GlideUpgrades Glide to provide bonuses to both speed and control.
Focused BurstUpgrades Glide to provide an initial boost of speed.
Focused ControlUpgrades Glide for better directional control while in air.

Miscellaneous Perks

Column 6:

FeedbackIncoming melee attacks fully recharge and intensify your Thunderstrike.
PulsewaveWhen critically wounded, trigger a Pulsewave that boosts speed for you and your allies.
TranscendenceWhen cast with full grenade and Thunderstrike energy, Stormtrance restores your health to full and drains slower.

Column 8:

Arc WebEnemies damaged by your grenades chain deadly lightning to nearby enemies.
Electrostatic MindStormtrance charges faster when allies are near. When Stormtrance is active, nearby enemies take damage.
Perpetual ChargeGrenade kills recharge your melee. Melee kills recharge your grenade.

Training Perks

Ancestral Order+2+2+2
Arcane Force+2+2
Arcane Spirit+2+2
Arcane Wisdom+2+2
Chaos Order+5
Divine Order+4+2

Stormcaller Builds

Recommended Stats

Recommended Gear


Stormcaller's abilities are ideal for crowd control.


“Harmony within, hurricane without.”

Stormcallers directly manipulate Arc energy, focusing body and mind to channel and chain the lightning. Their enemies are given fair warning— flee from battle, or face the storm.'