King's Fall

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King's Fall
Type Raid
Location Dreadnaught
Players 6
Tier 1 Level 290
Tier 2 Level 310
Tier 3 Level 390
Description "Long Live The King"

King's Fall (Age of Triumph)

See also: King's Fall Hard Mode

King's Fall is the 6 player raid in The Taken King expansion. In this raid players face Oryx and his minions on his ship, The Dreadnaught. King's Fall was released on September 18, 2015 10AM PDT, 3 days after the expansion.

Challenge Modes

Warpriest Challenge Mode

Golgoroth Challenge Mode

Oryx Challenge Mode




  • Weapons of Light is always useful for DPS phases, and Saint 14 makes it even better
  • Sunbreaker would seem like a great orb generation tool


  • During boss phases Stormcaller can be extremely effective for clearing adds and making orbs, especially on the Ogre phase (stormcall the back area), and during the Daughters (adds in middle)
  • Sunsinger is a great tool for Oryx as it allows you to have the self-revive to prevent a wipe if your close to killing oryx and you don’t stagger him, or to self-revive if you die right before going to stagger him – but most importantly it’s great for orb generation for your fireteam


  • Sniper Rifles are the best choice for boss DPS across all encounters.
  • A fully upgraded Telesto is fantastic for the Warpriest as the delayed explosions cause him to not move and the range/spread/cone is more than enough to easily hit him.
  • Communicate – this is not a carryable activity like Crota's End, PoE, or Nightfall etc. This requires the most communication we have seen in the Destiny world to date. Mistakes are punished with great prejudice and successful communication is rewarded.
  • 290 Light for the first few parts and 300 Light for Oryx are recommended.


Opening The Portal

This encounter is very straight forward. Orbs will appear two at a time and need to be dunked into the corresponding statue at the same time. This will be repeated 6 times to open the gate at the Court in front of you. Shotguns are very effective to drop the glass:

  • Split into 3 teams of 2 players, center, right and left.
  • Center team stays on the bridge clearing adds and the glass in mid.
  • Left and right teams grab orbs to dunk
  • Now more detail, after dunking the first 2 (easy peasy right) the teams will pair off going directly left or right from spawn thru the hallways to find the next orbs. When the orbs are picked up glass will spawn in two places along that path. The entrance to the hallway where you entered from spawn, and the exit of the hall way where you go to grab the orbs.
  • 1 person from each team grabs the orb and begins to make their way back to center after the other member of the side team shoots the first glass panel and then remains clearing the taken phalanxs that spawned. The person with the orb needs to be certain they won’t be blasted off the edge by the phalanxs
  • One player from center team will shoot the glass leading to center for left, and the other always for right. So once you hear the orb is grabbed take a peak over and drop the glass leading to the hallway.
  • Once both orbs are dunked new orbs will spawn, the player that remained clearing the phalanxs can grab the 2nd orb while the person on the way back can crack the glass and clear ads. Bring the orbs to dunk, rinse and repeat.
  • When the gate at the court opens some wizards and adds will spawn – kill them and walk thru the portal to get the first chest. Then proceed your way thru to the jumping puzzles.

Reward: 1 Moldering Shard, 3 - 7 Wormspore, Antiquated Rune

Hive Ship Jumping

  • First area is self-explanatory jumping across the swinging platforms
  • Ship area is slightly more complex with the order being (in relationship to the direction you are going on your ship)
  • Back right, straight right, left, straight to platform (land on the platform for respawn spot), off right side of platform, straight ahead, duck under next ship using back left corner then jump straight up, straight ahead on straight, straight ahead coming from left, straight ahead on right – then top. Warning the last ship docks but then disappears.
  • 2nd ship area requires 2 teammates to be standing on the buttons to remove the glass across the way. Then those teammates can stand on buttons on the far side to allow last 2 teammates to ride the next ship that spawns.
  • Hidden Chest in the area with the glass. Before going thru glass jump off on the left hand side when almost to glass to the walkway along the wall. Scale the walkway up the narrow platform and walk thru the door. Buttons are required to open door. When you jump down hold buttons for last two teammates and they can make their way to the chest.
  • Before going up the teleporter to the next area turn around and jump up on the pillar straight in front of you, on the left hand side there will be another calcified fragment.

Reward: Calcified Fragment XXIX, 2 Moldering Shard, 2 Special and Heavy Ammo Synthesis, 1 Mote of Light, 3 - 7 Wormspore, Antiquated Rune

Basilica Gate

  • Calcified fragment on right hand side (in plain view) when entering this room
  • Split into 2 teams of 3 players, right and left. Of the 3 players, 1 from each team will stand on the center platform in front of you where you walked in,
  • For each team: 2 will run to the annihilator totem, 1 of the 2 will grab the buff that lies on the path about halfway to the totem. This buff will grant you an aura around you that will keep you alive, if you leave the aura, your health will begin to drain. Picking up the buff triggers the start of the fight. Time these and pick them up together.
  • Those 2 players stand on the totem and start to take out the adds, boomer knights will spawn on the balcony above you everytime the Aura switches players, he is PRIORITY to take out, then the acolytes.
  • Your buff has a timer, once that timer runs out, you will a new buff called deathsinger power x10
  • Deathsinger’s Power: Once you have this, confirm your partner on the totem has the debuff you just had, when he does, call out to the player of your group of 3 who is standing in the middle to switch with you.
  • Once in the middle, stand on the platform on the ground where you first entered, your deathsinger power will start to count down from 10 to 0. This will cause the first set of lights on the door to light up, you now have 9 more “cycles” to complete. Remain on the center platform until the buff switches between the other two players on your side and then switch again.
  • Key note, when standing on the middle platform, there will be wizards that spawn on the balconies above you to the left and right of the door, as well as melee knights, if the Knights run towards the totems, call that out to your teammates.
  • Rinse and repeat this process for around 10 times and the phase will end with a saying in the kill feed that reads "warpriest has deemed you worthy"
  • A chest will appear near the center platform. Once loot is collected head through the door in front of you and on to the next fight

Reward: Calcified Fragment XXX, 2 Moldering Shard, Kingslayer Shell, Midha's Reckoning, Antiquated Rune

The Warpriest


Activating The Plates:

  • Once the Major Knights die, the corresponding plate is activated
  • There are three Knights, one for each plate
  • The Knights seem to spawn on a timer

Glyph Sequence:

  • The first sequence starts on the left (upper) platform the other two are random
  • The sequence changes every wipe
  • The next plate in the sequence will be highlighted behind the corresponding tombstone with a glow or with a red pillar of light if the tombstone is missing

Brand of the Initiate:

  • This is a buff that grants you and your allies in close proximity the ability to damage the boss
  • Expires in 10 seconds per stack
  • Killing adds resets the countdown timer
  • If the timer reaches zero, you die and the aura is passed to another guardian at random
  • Adds are limited, you need to space out killing them or you will die (kill at 2-3 seconds left)

The Oculus:

  • To survive this you need to be in the shadow of one of the tombstones
  • Any tombstones being used will be removed after this phase
  • It is critical your fireteam shares one tombstone or you will not beat the soft enrage


To start the encounter, simply step on all three plates, left, middle, and right.

The first step is the glyph sequence. This sequence is random every time you do it. However the light behind the tombstones will tell you which one to step on next. It helps to have someone calling these out. It will glow blue if it's next, or if the tombstone is missing, a red pillar of light will indicate it is next in the sequence.

Once you step on a plate, you can not get off it until the sequence is complete or the sequence will fail. Once you finish the sequence, one of the people stepping on the final plate will receive the buff Brand of the Initiate that will allow you, and any allies standing within a few yards the ability to damage the boss.

The person providing this buff needs to kill adds or he will die in 10 seconds. Killing adds resets the countdown timer.

When the boss summons the Oculus, you and your fireteam need to hide in the shadow of one of the tombstones. Your entire fireteam must be behind the same tombstone, because any tombstone you are hiding behind will be removed.

The tombstones are the soft enrage, if you don't kill the boss within 4 attempts, you will no longer have any tombstones to hide behind and your fireteam will die.

This means you must do at least 25% of his health every iteration.

Reward: 2 Moldering Shard, Defiance of Yasmin, Midha's Reckoning, Qullim's Terminus, Elulim's Frenzy, Kingslayer Shell, Exotic Engram, Antiquated Rune

Golgoroth's Cellar

At junctions from the entrance go: right, left, left, right. There is a chest in this area described right below. There is also a calcified fragment by plate #3 (also explained below).

The numbers represent the pressure plates (not just the flower mark) that you need to JUMP on to activate. Have someone by the chest door to confirm when it opens. Walking on the plates is not enough. You stand off of the entire plate and when it is your turn you JUMP onto it. The pattern always starts with number 1. You will hear a loud noise slight click/single drum beat. From there have number 2 jump on his plate, then 3 then 4. Wait a second or two in between so you can clearly hear the single beat. If you hear a lot of loud bangs everyone should get off their plates for a few seconds and start over. After you collect the chest head straight on out to the next encounter.

Reward: Calcified Fragment XXXI, 2 Moldering Shard, 2 Special and Heavy Ammo Synthesis, 1 Mote of Light, 3 - 7 Wormspore, Antiquated Rune



  • After six deaths, all fireteam members are blinded and the fireteam will wipe
  • The orbs in the ceiling drop a pool that buffs damage against the boss by 10x
  • Shooting his back critical spot gets his gaze for 15 seconds
  • Failing to obtain his gaze spawns more adds


Separate the raid into two groups, two taunters and four damagers.

Start the encounter by destroying the orb in the center of the ceiling. When the boss spawns, begin by clearing all the adds in the room. The taunters will take turns holding his gaze by shooting the critical spot on his back. It seems to work best if one taunter goes left and one taunter goes right. Start with the orbs in the back of the room first, heading towards the front. Have the entire orb destroy one orb, and have that side's taunter get his gaze. The other taunter can shoot his legs/feet/body to get his attention.

The player that currently has Golgoroth's Gaze will be bombarded with orbs that cause massive damage. This player needs to shoot the orbs and stay alive. When the gaze buff is at 10 seconds or less, this player should count down the buff to zero. The other taunter should be busy destroying the next orb on the ceiling for the damagers to stand in. It takes almost the entire time to destroy this orb, so start early. Once the other taunter calls out around 2-3 seconds, shoot his back to gain his gaze and now you shoot the orbs to survive while the other taunter destroys the next orb in the ceiling.

The two taunters will be destroying orbs in a zig-zag motion. The damagers in the pit may need to destroy the orb in the ceiling if the taunter is unable to get it down in time. It's easiest to destroy the orbs if you have line of sight of the boss. If you don't, the orbs will curve around obstacles and be very hard to destroy. If you have line of sight, the orbs will come directly at you in a line. Also, the boss needs to be facing the damagers in the pit. The pools drop directly below the orb you destroy, so make sure the pool on the ground is between you and the boss.

In the meantime, the other four players are in the pit shooting the boss, hopping from pool to pool. Sniper rifles work best and do the most damage. Everyone should be aiming at his stomach. All four players can stand in the same buff pool. When it expires, or when the boss changes position, move on to the next one.

After the first orb in the ceiling is destroyed, and shortly before the second one is destroyed, Cursed Thralls will begin to spawn in the pit. It's usually best to assign your lowest light player to be on Thrall duty. It's critical that the Thralls are kept away from the other 3 players sitting in the pools. One getting too close will mean a wipe.

When the taunters are unable to continue holding his gaze, and adds begin to spawn, clear them and then repeat the process. The four damages need to be informed to get out of the middle at this point. Usually after the 6th orb is destroyed, or earlier if gaze failed to be captured.

We assigned our three lowest players to Thrall duty in pit, and the two taunters. You need your highest damage dealers in the pit shooting the boss at all times. Prefer players that have sniper rifles, they do considerably more damage. The biggest issue for taunters will be ammo. It's critical that every time adds spawn, they are topping up their primary ammo or it could mean a wipe. A good combo for this is a scout/sidearm. The taunters don't need a sniper rifle for this and a sidearm can destroy the orbs the boss shoots at you if you run out of primary.

Reward: 2 Moldering Shard, Raid Leg Armor, Raid Chest Armor, Raid Gauntlets, Midha's Reckoning, Silence of A'arn, Defiance of Yasmin, Exotic Engram, Antiquated Rune

Piston Jumping Puzzle

  • Upon leaving Golgoroth’s room via the door in the cave, proceed thru the mini maze, when reaching the room with the circular pillar turn left and right thru the doorway jump up onto a rock platform on the left side to find a fragment
  • From the fragment (that hallway is a dead end) go straight across to continue out to the next jumping puzzle area
  • Walking straight to the ledge from where you enter if you look at the platform ledge down below you and look to the far right corner you will see another fragment right behind a piston
  • The hidden exotic chest is also in this area – guide below
  • You make your way across the platforms by stepping on the platform/pads
  • When you step on the 3rd platform/pad the disappearing rock ledges will solidify
  • The exit is directly across the wall to your left from where you enter

During the piston jumping puzzle, once you reach the very first platform, open your ghost and check out in the open for the invisible platforms. Scale the platforms and then jump from the pillar to the wall and enter into the room with the chest. Use the invisible platforms to scale back down.

Reward: Calcified Fragment XXXII, Calcified Fragment XXXIII, 2 Moldering Shard, 4 Special and Heavy Ammo Synthesis, Hadium Flakes, 3 - 7 Wormspore, Antiquated Rune, Exotic

Daughters of Oryx: Ir Halak and Ir Anuk


The Platforms:

  • There are four platforms to stand on
  • When stood on, they summon steps that only the dimension torn player can step on
  • The order they are stepped on is critical to the way the steps spawn
  • Stepping off any one of them destroys all steps

The Spark:

  • Randomly positioned above one of the four platforms in the room
  • Breaks one of the Deathsinger's shields when used (hold Square on PS, X on XB)
  • Grants a shield to the player who broke the Deathsinger's shield that blocks all Deathsinger damage to everyone inside. Also lets anyone inside survive the *Hymn being sung from the Deathsinger's

Torn Between Dimensions:

  • One player will be randomly chosen to be torn between dimensions
  • Only this player can jump on the steps summoned by the platforms
  • Only this player can grab the spark and dunk the Deathsinger's to remove the shield and gain the aura

The Deathsinger's:

  • Do not try to ever attack the Deathsinger that is covered in red flames
  • The right Deathsinger must be the first to die, but not the first to be attacked


Separate the raid so that each person has a corner and a platform to stand on. The dimension torn player can not be on a platform by him/herself. The last player is a floater, he/she will kill adds and replace any player and fill any role that is needed.

Locate the spark in the sky, see which platform it is above. Look counter-clockwise and that is the platform that needs to be stood on first. After that platform has been stepped on, continue stepping on platforms in a counter-clockwise fashion until all four are activated. Nobody can leave their platform until the dimension torn player has the spark.

Snipers will begin to spawn on the sides of the arena, one for each platform during this phase. It's critical they die as soon as possible. They are capable of two-shotting the dimension torn player which will most certainly cause a wipe. They have very little health and are taken down easily.

The dimension torn player should be at the first platform (the one counter-clockwise of the one the spark is above) ready to jump up with the player on that platform. Once the platforms start to appear, the dimension torn player can begin to jump from step to step until he reaches the spark.

Once the dimension torn player grabs the spark, everyone should run to the back left platform and hide behind it. The dimension torn player will then dunk the left Deathsinger, and run towards the raid at the back left platform. Everyone damages the boss here, being careful not to kill the Deathsinger and ensuring everyone is within the shield or they will die.

This process is repeated, switching off Deathsinger's until the right Deathsinger is dead. Then the left Deathsinger can be killed. It's usually best to save weapons of light and other buffs/cooldowns/rockets until the second Deathsinger so she can be killed in one run. If you're fighting the right Deathsinger next, everyone should be hiding behind the back right platform.

Reward: 2 Moldering Shard, Raid Class Armor, Midha's Reckoning, Silence of A'arn, Antiquated Rune

Oryx, The Taken King

Prior to the fight assign 4 players to a pillar, 1 as mobile DPS, and 1 as runner/jumper.

This fight takes place in the exact same place as the death singer fight you just completed, to get it to start, run towards the spark of light at the very front of the map. He will then pop up in front of you where the spark just was.

Adds will spawn in the corners of the map behind front left and front right platforms. A few Seconds later, taken knights will appear on the front left and front right Platforms. Call them out and kill them immediately.

Oryx will then shift to either the front left or right side. Whatever side he goes to is the first platform in the order. DPS Player who does not have a platform, should jump up on top of where the death singer was or roam around, and be a support player.

Oryx will slam his fist on the first platform, as soon as it hits (while fist still there), the runner should be ready jump on 1 as soon as the fist is leaving, call it out, there’s a small black light on platform 1, the jumper needs to absorb that to get torn between dimensions, the person on that platform will then join him on platform #1. Then 2 and 3 jump on their platform in order, calling it out each time.

When you jump on your platform an ogre will spawn next to it. The player across from you should cross fire to kill your ogre, and you kill his, so front left kills front right ogre, back left kills back right ogre and vice versa. Kill the ogres as the jumper makes his way towards the relic.

When the ogre dies he will drop a giant black orb called corrupted light, steer clear of those as you do not want to detonate those yet. Once the jumper has the relic he needs to call it out, jump down immediately and head to where the spark of light was that started the fight, a hive tomb ship will be flying in and dropping off an ultra-knight called the Vessel of Oryx.

As soon as it drops him off, dunk on him to steal his essence and move towards the middle of the map but cheating towards the side Oryx is on so you have line of sight on his chest. Stealing the essence grants you an aura of immortality, being inside your essence makes you invulnerable to everything.

Once you call out you have the relic and start making your way for the knight, everyone on a platform and the support player head up front to kill the knight as quickly as possible once the jumper steals his essence. Immediately head to the direct center of the map towards the essence holder. If done quickly enough, oryx will be slamming his hand on the same platform again; his chest will then open up.

Put everything you have into the spot in his chest. You have to make him stagger, if you do not, he will clap his hands together and you will all die (you can self-revive after to save a run if need be).

As soon as he's staggered, the 4 players responsible for platforms run out and stand in the corrupted light the ogres dropped, you have to stand in the one closest to the platform you were responsible for (DPS player is the backup in case any one dies), stand in it for a count of 5 (it will appear as an action on the lower left part of your screen) and haul ass back to the center to get inside the aura of immortality, if you do not make it in time you will die (a death here is fine as long as you detonate your orb).

Jumper with the essence, and the support player, while they are detonating the corrupted light, continue to shoot oryx in the chest. If done correctly, the corrupted light will detonate in oryxs chest and cause damage anywhere from 1/6 to 1/4 of his health. Continue shooting Oryx until he falls of the ledge (other players continue to shoot Oryx as soon as your back in the essence.

Once he falls off the ledge, run like hell.

Players responsible for platforms, go back to the Platform you were just on and run circles around it continuously, if you stop you will die, oryx is floating in the air shooting at you.

The DPS or runner should run back to where you guys first entered the area and run around in circles there on the stairs, the other DPS or runner stays in between front left and right and runs up and down the middle pathway, do not overlap running paths or you will get caught by his attack and die. You can also run circles in the front area where the taken spawn. *Call out when oryx flies closer and the orbs have stopped chasing you and grips onto the area again, you can all stop running around like madmen. Oryx will begin to move to a new platform. So everyone run and set up, jumper call out, "____ left/right is first" every time so players 1 through 3 know where they need to go. Make sure you know who is not needed and will be assisting DPS. Rinse and repeat.

After dodging his shit for a second time, for the 3rd run he will begin at any platform, so jumper be ready to call it out, and players 1-3 be ready to haul ass to your positions. Rinse and repeat.

Once he is below 50% health he will no longer shoot shit at you instead. Every move up front between left and right platform, a giant black blight will appear and the very front venter of the map, do not touch it. But kill the thrall that spawn in the corners. What oryx does is teleport you 1 by 1 into a different dimension where you have to defeat a Shade of Oryx in a certain period of time or you'll wipe. Killing the thrall on the outside will stop them from entering the blight which puts them in the dimension your teammates and yourself will be teleported to. Do not touch the blight. You will die.

Defeat the shade inside the dimension and you'll be teleported back to the map, rinse and repeat, he will teleport you every time in between runs now. A heavy machine gun is great for the shade. Also call out when the Shade is charging in to do the sword slam as someone just getting teleported in can be the victim. A good habit is to use your jump as soon as you get teleported. Another great callout for the shade is “1/4 left/right (pronounced quarter)” so people can quickly turn, or “180.”

After you land the final run and his health is extremely low or gone. He will appear at the front center of the map, and open his chest, drop weapons bubbles and fire void bows prior to his chest opening to be safe. 6 man team dps his crit spot, and he'll die and float away majestically towards saturn, a chest will appear near the middle, grab the loot.

Key notes for oryx fight: If you are having trouble damaging oryx before he claps his hands and you are wiping, try having your hunters of the team throw on golden gun and if they have it celestial nighthawk. Causes more damage and makes him flinch easier, be sure to alternate whose using the GG and/or generate orbs for your hunters. Orbs can be generated on the Ogres. Weapons bubbles also work but require precise placement and timing. GG is much easier. Also sometimes ogres will spawn late after you jump on your platforms, call it out, that's what the support/DPS player is there for.

Reward: 2 Moldering Shard, Raid Primary Weapon, Raid Helmet, Raid Class Armor, Kingslayer Shell, Kingsbane, Exotic, Exotic Engram

Challenge Modes

See also: King's Fall Hard Mode#Challenge Modes

Note that if you do not fulfill the Challenge Mode requirements but kills the boss, you will not get Challenge Mode rewards. You can attempt it later to obtain the rewards.

Warpriest Challenge

You must have different aura holders with each damage phase. No guardian can hold the aura more than once otherwise you will not receive the challenge mode drops. You CAN have someone die and you do NOT need to beat him in two phases.

TIP: If you don't know it yet, the person who steps on the third plate during each glyph sequence will get the Aura, so make sure you take note of the ones who've already held it in previous cycles. Don't step on the third plate if you've already gotten the Aura earlier.

Reward: Thrallskin Drum, Broken Crown, Scroll of Eimin-Tin, Calcified Fragment XLIII, Attack 310 Weapons

Golgoroth Challenge

The challenge is that each player must hold Golgoroth's Gaze once per cycle. A cycle is from the moment someone grabs his gaze, until the gaze can no longer be captured.

After the first Gaze'd player has been holding the Gaze for about 15 seconds, another player must take the Gaze by shooting Golgoroth in the back. Repeat this process until every player in the fireteam has held the Gaze once. After each person has held the Gaze, let it expire on the last person who held it.

It can be done with using the regular single orb strategy, and essentially "one main gazer" (one DPS phase).

Reward: Thrallskin Drum, Broken Crown, Scroll of Eimin-Tin, Calcified Fragment XLIV, Attack 310 Weapons

Oryx Challenge

All 16 Bombs (4 sets) need to be detonated at the same time. The detonation takes Oryx's HP from 100% to 1%. It has nothing to do with which people killed ogres or switching runners. You can die and have the same runner throughout the fight. You will have to fight the Shade of Oryx at least 3 times per transition phase. You do not detonate any of the bombs until the final cycle.


  1. Do the fight normally, killing Ogres, killing Knights. Assigning platform-jumpers 1, 2, 3, floaters, runner, whatever you usually do.
  2. Shoot Oryx to stagger. Kill mobs.
  3. DO NOT detonate bombs.
  4. IF YOU DO NOT DETONATE BOMBS Oryx will summon the Shade Dimension for the transition, NOT the artillery barrage. This is what we want.
  5. Kill extra thralls that spawn.
  6. Oryx will move to the front and cast his "Dimension" so kill Knights on the left and right platforms.
  7. Kill the shade.
  8. Re-do the whole jumping/relic thing we all do.
  9. Repeat this until the FOURTH CYCLE.
  10. As usual, kill stuff. Stagger Oryx. Kill mobs.
  11. Have four people run to each cluster of bombs. Detonate all 16 bombs at the same time.
  12. Kill Oryx

Reward: Thrallskin Drum, Broken Crown, Scroll of Eimin-Tin, Calcified Fragment XLV, Attack 310 Weapons


See also: King's Fall Hard Mode#Loot

Loot Table

Does not show Challenge Mode Loot.

Materials and Consumables

Cosmetic Items



 TypeDamage TypeAttackImpactBlast RadiusRate of FireMagazineRangeStabilityReload
Anguish of Drystan (Year 2)Auto RiflesKinetic300-335287763215441
Defiance of YasminSniper RiflesArc300-33522264665741
Doom of ChelchisScout RiflesKinetic300-335483720484641
Elulim's FrenzyRocket LaunchersVoid300-335961825838
Midha's ReckoningFusion RiflesVoid300-335945412045
Qullim's TerminusMachine GunsSolar300-335536658156016
Silence of A'arnShotgunsSolar300-33561146134520
Smite of MerainPulse RiflesKinetic300-335146630416645
Zaouli's BaneHand CannonsKinetic300-335713211154216


Titan Armor

War Numen's BootsLeg Armor300-335
War Numen's ChestChest Armor300-335
War Numen's CrownHelmets300-335
War Numen's FistGauntlets300-335
War Numen's MarkTitan Marks300-335

Hunter Armor

Darkhollow ChitonChest Armor?
Darkhollow GraspsGauntlets?
Darkhollow MantleHunter Cloaks300-335
Darkhollow MaskHelmets?
Darkhollow TreadsLeg Armor?

Warlock Armor

Bond of the WormloreWarlock Bonds3072021
Chasm of YuulChest Armor?
Grasp of EirGauntlets?
Mouth of UrHelmets?
Path of XolLeg Armor?

King's Fall
Vault of GlassCrota's EndPrison of Elders*