King's Fall Hard Mode

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King's Fall Hard Mode
King's Fall Hard Mode
Type Raid
Location Dreadnaught
Players 6
Tier 2 Level 300 - 320
Description  ????

King's Fall (Age of Triumph)

See also: King's Fall

King's Fall Hard Mode is the Hard Mode for King's Fall raid in The Taken King. In this raid players face Oryx and his minions on his ship, The Dreadnaught. Hard Mode was released on October 23, 2015. The recommended Light level is 300 - 320. The Light level of the loot is 310 to 320.

Differences between Normal and Hard Mode

  • No revives during combat.
  • Initial sequence with dunking orbs: Unchanged. Enemies level 42
  • Hive ship jumping puzzle part 1: No middle platform checkpoint, so any falls reset to start.
  • Hive ship part 2 (the one with the door and plates): Enemies level 42, otherwise no different.
  • Glyphs and Door: Extra cover on totem plates (something to hide behind). Lvl 42 enemies, yellow-bar knights towards end.
  • Warpriest: Warpriest gains extra attacks (depending on which plate was activated last and/or consumed by Oculus): 3x tracking bolts similar to Taken Hobgoblins if mid, Taken Captain blinding attack if right, Centurion axion darts if left. Aura timer seems similar.
  • Golgoroth's Cellar layout unchanged.
  • Golgoroth: standing in the buff pool gives Unstable Light debuff to 2 random players - damages nearby players when timer hits 0 (could also damage Golgoroth). 1-orb strategy seems feasible but debuffed players need to be aware of their timer. Taken spawn earlier.
  • Piston puzzle unchanged.
  • Daughters: Still have immortality Aura's, random runner, run counter-clockwise, timer starts immediately for 2nd run. Only 3 plates needed, but platforms seem further apart or there may be fewer?.
  • Oryx: Same start sequence with thralls and knights, dedicated runner, run counter-clockwise, only 3 plates needed, fewer/further platforms? Extra knights spawn near platforms in opposite order from ogres (last ogre = 1st knight) and head towards bombs (1 per bomb, need confirmation if they protect or detonate the orbs). After first damage phase do running/circles, Shade of Oryx at 50%. 4 bombs still do ~25% damage. Drops new emblem, primary (kinetic unless elemental is confirmed).


Challenge Modes

See also: King's Fall#Challenge Modes

Note that if you do not fulfill the Challenge Mode requirements but kills the boss, you will not get Challenge Mode rewards. You can attempt it later to obtain the rewards.

Warpriest Challenge

You must have different aura holders with each damage phase. No guardian can hold the aura more than once otherwise you will not receive the challenge mode drops. You CAN have someone die and you do NOT need to beat him in two phases.

TIP: If you don't know it yet, the person who steps on the third plate during each glyph sequence will get the Aura, so make sure you take note of the ones who've already held it in previous cycles. Don't step on the third plate if you've already gotten the Aura earlier.

Reward: Claw of Command, Fist of Eight Moons, Leaf of the Bleeding Tree, Sootpearl, Numinous Web, Jasper Carcanet, Attack 320 Weapons, Worm Gods' Servant,Calcified Fragment XLIII

Golgoroth Challenge

The challenge is that each player must hold Golgoroth's Gaze once per cycle. A cycle is from the moment someone grabs his gaze, until the gaze can no longer be captured.

After the first Gaze'd player has been holding the Gaze for about 15 seconds, another player must take the Gaze by shooting Golgoroth in the back. Repeat this process until every player in the fireteam has held the Gaze once. After each person has held the Gaze, let it expire on the last person who held it.

It can be done with using the regular single orb strategy, and essentially "one main gazer" (one DPS phase).

Reward: Claw of Command, Fist of Eight Moons, Leaf of the Bleeding Tree, Sootpearl, Numinous Web, Jasper Carcanet, Attack 320 Weapons, Devourer of Light, Calcified Fragment XLIV

Oryx Challenge

All 16 Bombs (4 sets) need to be detonated at the same time. The detonation takes Oryx's HP from 100% to 1%. It has nothing to do with which people killed ogres or switching runners. You can die and have the same runner throughout the fight. You will have to fight the Shade of Oryx at least 3 times per transition phase. You do not detonate any of the bombs until the final cycle.


  1. Do the fight normally, killing Ogres, killing Knights. Assigning platform-jumpers 1, 2, 3, floaters, runner, whatever you usually do.
  2. Shoot Oryx to stagger. Kill mobs.
  3. DO NOT detonate bombs.
  4. IF YOU DO NOT DETONATE BOMBS Oryx will summon the Shade Dimension for the transition, NOT the artillery barrage. This is what we want.
  5. Kill extra thralls that spawn.
  6. Oryx will move to the front and cast his "Dimension" so kill Knights on the left and right platforms.
  7. Kill the shade.
  8. Re-do the whole jumping/relic thing we all do.
  9. Repeat this until the FOURTH CYCLE.
  10. As usual, kill stuff. Stagger Oryx. Kill mobs.
  11. Have four people run to each cluster of bombs. Detonate all 16 bombs at the same time.
  12. Kill Oryx

Reward: Claw of Command, Fist of Eight Moons, Leaf of the Bleeding Tree, Sootpearl, Numinous Web, Jasper Carcanet, Attack 320 Weapons, Agonarch Karve, Of Light and Hunger, Calcified Fragment XLV


See also: King's Fall#Loot



 TypeDamage TypeAttackImpactRate of FireMagazineRangeStabilityReload
Harrowed Anguish of Drystan (Year 2)Auto RiflesKinetic319–335287763215441
Harrowed Defiance of Yasmin (Year 2)Sniper RiflesArc319–33522264665741
Harrowed Doom of Chelchis (Year 2)Scout RiflesKinetic319–335483720484641
Harrowed Elulim's Frenzy (Year 2)Rocket LaunchersVoid319–3351825838
Harrowed Midha's Reckoning (Year 2)Fusion RiflesVoid319–335945412045
Harrowed Qullim's Terminus (Year 2)Machine GunsSolar319–335536658156016
Harrowed Silence of A'arn (Year 2)ShotgunsSolar319–33561146134520
Harrowed Smite of Merain (Year 2)Pulse RiflesKinetic319–335146630257845
Harrowed Zaouli's Bane (Year 2)Hand CannonsKinetic319–335713211154216


Titan Armor

Harrowed War Numen's Boots (Year 2)Leg Armor310-335
Harrowed War Numen's Chest (Year 2)Chest Armor?
Harrowed War Numen's Crown (Year 2)Helmets?
Harrowed War Numen's Fist (Year 2)Gauntlets?
Mark of the Old Challenge (Year 2)Titan Marks?

Hunter Armor

Cloak of Seven Bones (Year 2)Hunter Cloaks310-335
Harrowed Darkhollow Chiton (Year 2)Chest Armor?
Harrowed Darkhollow Grasps (Year 2)Gauntlets?
Harrowed Darkhollow Mask (Year 2)Helmets?
Harrowed Darkhollow Treads (Year 2)Leg Armor?

Warlock Armor

Harrowed Chasm of Yuul (Year 2)Chest Armor?
Harrowed Grasp of Eir (Year 2)Gauntlets?
Harrowed Mouth of Ur (Year 2)Helmets?
Harrowed Path of Xol (Year 2)Leg Armor?
Worm Gods' Boon (Year 2)Warlock Bonds?

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