Crota's End Hard Mode

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Crota's End Hard Mode
Type Raid
Location Ocean of Storms, Moon
Players 6
Tier 1 Level 30
Tier 2 Level 33
Description He waits in the dark below

Crota's End (Age of Triumph)

See also: Crota's End

Crota's End Hard Mode is a level 33 Raid found in Ocean of Storms, Moon. The activity requires a group of 6 players. Crota's End Hard Mode is the Hard Mode version of Crota's End raid. The raid is released on January 21, 2015.


Gear Recommendations

The Abyss

Crotas end abyss map2.jpg

Don't Touch Me - makes you invulnerable to Thralls.

Fatebringer - explosions everywhere, allowing you to take down groups of Thralls in a single headshot, or stunning them with Explosive Rounds, this gun is ideal. Any gun with Firefly and Explosive Rounds will work however.

MIDA Multi-Tool - allows the player to run faster than the Thralls. While useful in any stage, MIDA is the most beneficial in this phase.

Icebreaker - used as a shotgun that makes Thralls explode, also can kill the Ogres rapidly. With an increase agility perk, this gun is useful anywhere in the abyss.

Bad Juju- unlimited Supers and ammo.

Helm of Saint-14 - allows players to blind the encroaching Thralls.

Obsidian Mind - gives unlimited Supers.

Thunderlord - explosions with arc damage.

Solar and Pulse Grenade - Useful for making groups of thralls dead.

The Bridge

Gjallarhorn or Hunger of Crota or any Rocket Launcher with a lot of ammo

Sunsinger with Fireborn (self-res) and Icebreaker combination


MIDA Multi-Tool - allows you to move faster.

Gjallarhorn - 1-Hit K.O. the Shriekers.

Ir Yût

Dragon's Breath - ideal for a target that can't move, the Dragon's Breath is made for this.

Gjallarhorn - use it to kill Ir Yût rapidly.

Mask of the Third Man - useful for getting into the room while invisible.

Obsidian Mind - useful for cleaning up weaken enemies. Nova Bomb

The Glasshouse - good for dealing damage to Ir Yût when used with Weapons of Light.

Abyss Defiant - killing for the Wizards

The Crota


Red Death - you don't need a Gjallarhorn so use this for health regen. SUROS Regime can also be used.

Shield Downers:

Gjallarhorn or Hunger of Crota - devastating combinations of tracking and extra damage. Both are outstanding weapons.

Ruin Wings - generate heavy ammo.

Health regeneration for both groups:

Mask of the Third Man and Light Beyond Nemesis - picking up orbs of light will generate health.

Apotheosis Veil - super generates health, picking up orbs of light will do the same.

An Insurmountable Skullfort - picking up orbs of light will generate health plus Improved Transfusion for Storm Fist.

Deathsinger's Gaze, Unyielding Casque, Willbreaker's Watch (Raid Helmets) with - Infusion (picking up orbs of light will generate health.)

Striker, Bladedancer and Voidwalker with melees that regenerate health.


Dead teammates cannot be revived.

Level 33 enemies.

Primary Weapons drop from all 4 stages.

Enemies flinch less from damage.

Stage 1: The Abyss

See also: The Abyss Strategy

Ogres and Cursed Thralls are Majors (Yellow Health bar). They take reduced damage.

Weight of Darkness stack faster than in the normal version. Players have to go faster.

One strategy is to ignore tougher enemies til end of the maze, then you can focus fire them down while waiting for the bridge to form.

Stage 2: The Bridge

See also: The Bridge Strategy

Annihilator Totems now periodically activate based on certain activities around them. It is necessary to get one of your teammates across the bridge so the player can run to the Totems when they activate.

After crossing the bridge, the player should stand behind a specific pillar to give them cover from Wizards, Ogres and other Enemies. It also allows the player to reach nearby Totems when they activate.

  • A player (Hunter) who can stealth is helpful.

Stage 3: Ir Yût, the Deathsinger

See also: Ir Yût, the Deathsinger Strategy

After entering the Room you will see a message "The Deathsinger is preparing her song." This phase lasts 1 minute 40 seconds. Then Deathsinger will perform the Liturgy for 30 seconds then wipe your fire team. You have a total of 2 minutes and 10 seconds to kill the 2 Wizards, 2 Shriekers and Ir Yût, the Deathsinger.

Stage 4: The Crota

See also: The Crota Strategy

Players should have Gjallarhorns if possible to take down Crota's shield as quickly as possible.

Chalice that restores health is no longer available.

Try to minimize health loss because you are not longer able to regenerate health.

A Hollowed Wizard will spawn after kill both of the Boomers in the Tower. Players should either leave 1 of the Boomer alive or kill the Wizard as quickly as possible when it spawns.

Each time a Swordbearer spawns a Gatekeeper will also spawn. Gatekeepers are immune to all damage besides the Sword attacks. Players can ignore the Gatekeepers and focus the sword hits on Crota. While these Gatekeepers will not follow the players up the stairs, players cannot go back down to the basement.

Crota enrages when he reaches 15% health, you need to take down his shield again.

Middle Strategy

For Sword-user as a Bladedancer:

While waiting for the Swordbearer to go down, you can stand on the tall narrow pillar (on right or left) closest to the glass without aggro-ing the boomers

Have your team tell you when to leave that pillar to get extra time with the sword. The extra 5 seconds with the sword active will help you jump slash away from Crota.

Do not double jump (or single jump) while running to the sword. Double jumping will aggro the Boomers to the sword-guy.

Use the left rock

Have the best sniper on your team stun the boomers with headshots so they don't aggro you as you strike Crota. Depending on the DPS your team can deal, you can add a 2nd person on Boomer duty.

Once you get on the rock, call out the DPS. Jump up half a second after you call out the DPS.

Get 3 hits on the first kneel then blink strike to go invisible.

Get 3-4 hits on the second kneel. Then jump slash away. Rejoin the group at the glass.

Do not stand behind Crota. When you do your jump slash escape, autoaim will make you hit Crota.

Count your swords. On the 15th hit, Crota will stand up and enrage.

Be sure to blink strike once he stands up on the 15th hit.

For the Middle platform people:

Once Swordbearer is down, aim your rockets at Crota. Fire as soon as sword guy call out the DPS.

Each person fire 1 rocket, and switch to your primary, just in case the rockets were not enough.

Repeat for the second down.

Move to the left glass and stand as close to the glass as possible. Crota or the Boomers will not aggro you here. You can throw down a titan bubble to ensure survival if you are nervous.

Move to middle glass once Crota goes middle. Sword-guy might need to jump down and drag Swordbearer in the line of sight of the firing squad.

Move to the starting room through the RIGHT door. Crota will move left, and if a member is slow getting in the room its game over.

Take your time on the ogres! The enrage timer is 10 minutes. This is your last big hurdle until you defeat Crota on Hard Mode. Take 5 minutes to kill the ogres if needed!!

If you stay inside the starting room until Crota moves middle, the ogres will most likely be in the middle area under the glass. You can hug the wall closest to the glass and fire rockets or black hammer the ogres without being shot at by boomers.

Once ogres are dead, wait for Crota to move middle before you down the Swordbearer for the last time.

After the 15th hit, Crota will stand up AND enrage. This will summon a oversoul. FORGET THE OVERSOUL.

When he stands up from the enrage, he is invincible for 2-3 seconds. You must wait until his orange shield is down before DPS. Do not blow your load to early!! (This is the longest 3 seconds of Destiny)


Crota's End Loot

In Hard Mode, players will be obtain Primary Weapons, Abyss Defiant, Fang of Ir Yût, Oversoul Edict and Word of Crota, that are unavailable in the normal mode of the raid. You will also able to obtain Crux of Crota, the item used to upgrade Eidolon Ally into Necrochasm. Additionally, players will have a higher chance of obtaining Raid Helmets than normal mode. Players will also able to get the ship Bane of Dark Gods and the shader Glowhoo.