Skolas's Revenge

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Skolas's Revenge
Type Arena
Location The Reef, Asteroid Belt
Players 3
Tier 4 Level 35
Description Skolas and his crew challenge the Guardians who captured him. Face him with a Fireteam of three. End him.
Skolas's Revenge is a level 35 Challenge Mode in The Prison of Elders Arena. While it requires a group of 3 players, this mode does not have automatic match making.


Players will receive Hildian Seeker, Kellbreaker and The Queen's Web for opening the large chest in the Treasure Room after Skolas for the first time.

Players will receive House of Judgement +500, Weapon Core, Armor Core, Etheric Light upon completion, once per week.

Skolas has a chance of dropping The Elder Cipher and Primary Fallen-themed Weapons with elemental damage, Aegis of the Kell II, Six Dreg Pride II, Wolfslayer's Claw II and Wolves' Leash II. They are dropped immediately after the boss, not from chests.

Rounds and Modifiers

1.Hive. It has exposure (shields increased, but don't replenish) and brawler (melee increased).

2.Vex with destroy mines. It has grounded (take more damage in the air) and airborne (deal more damage in the air).

3.Cabal with diffuse mines. It has Arc Burn and catapult (grenade energy increased).

4.Fallen with kill targets as the objective. It has Specialist (special weapon damage increase) and Juggler.

5.Fallen with a servitor boss. It doesn't have a objective alongside it to my knowledge, but correct me if I'm wrong. It has Trickle (recharge for all abilities decreased) and Small Arms (primary weapon damage increase.)

6.Skolas Guide

Skolas Guide

Modifiers consist of a mixture of Brawler, Juggler, Small Arms, and Lightswitch.


1. Servitor Buff:

When you enter the arena, Skolas will be near you, with a bunch of adds scattered around. To the sides, however, you will find these white Ghostly servitors.

You need to kill this Servitor to be able to deal proper damage to Skolas (kind of like Time's Vengeance), without it, you will barely touch his health. Once you kill this Servitor, you will be given a buff for 20 seconds, which will say something like "the Servitor bonds are weakened". Take this time to damage Skolas.

If you kill another Servitor, while the buff from a previous Servitor was active, this will simply refresh the buff back to 0:20, it will not stack beyond 20 seconds.

Once Skolas is at 70% health, however, you will no longer need to kill these Servitors, and will be able to damage Skolas normally.

2. Taint / Devouring Essence:

This is a debuff. It will activate once Skolas reaches 70% health, and will affect one player at random.

It will make your screen turn green (sort of like Thorn), and a 30 second countdown will appear. Once this countdown goes to 0, you will die. Once a Guardian dies, Skolas will apply the debuff to a new Guardian after 10 seconds.

This requires precise teamwork. If you are tainted with this debuff, you will have to transfer this to another player (like how to transfer the Chalice of Light in CE).

It's not that simple, however. Let suppose there are 3 players, A, B, and C. If A gets affected by the debuff, he must pass it on to B before he dies. Once B has the debuff, the timer will return to 0:30, however, B cannot pass this back to A, as A will be 'immune' for 40 seconds, and unable to take the debuff. B will then have to transfer this to C, who will then transfer it to A, rinse and repeat. So: A -> B -> C -> A...

This debuff will stay throughout the fight, all the way to the end, so make sure to coordinate.

3. Dismantling Mines:

Much like the previous rounds, this mission will contain 2 critical objectives. It will pop up first when Skolas reaches 50% health, you will have to dismantle 3 mines, A, B, and C. It will then pop up again, when Skolas reaches 25% health, 3 mines again. You will have to dismantle them in the time window you are given, or will die.

The mines spawn in the same 3 locations each time but the exact order of the 3 locations is random.


100% - 70% - You will have to kill the servitors to gain a buff to damage Skolas. Each servitor buff lasts 20 seconds. A wave of ads spawn every time Skolas loses 5% of its health. Ads priority Vandals with Sniper or Shock Rifles > Melee Captains > Captains > Dregs > Shanks

70% - 50% - You no longer need to kill servitors but you will need to deal with Taint (Devouring Essence), a debuff. Taint needs to be juggled between the players. Communication is crucible in this phase. Also, kill ads that spawn periodically before re-focusing on Skolas.

50% - First Critical Objective, Defuse mines, pops up

50% - 25% - Juggle Taint, kill ads.

25% - Second Critical Objective, Defuse mines, pops up

25% - 0% - Juggle Taint, kill ads.