Axion Bolt

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Axion Bolt
Class Warlock
Subclass Voidwalker
Type Grenade
Damage 90
Radius 10m
Prerequisite Scatter Grenade
Next None
Function Sends a 90 damage Void seeker at up to two nearby targets within the blast radius.
Description A bolt of Void Light which forks into smaller bolts on impact which seek toward enemies.
Key Bind L1 or LB

Axion Bolt is one of Voidwalker's grenade abilities. Axion Bolt consist of 2 fast-moving bolts of Void energy that tracks enemies and homes onto them. They do about 90 damage in a 10 meter radius, less than many other grenades. They make it up with their accuracy.

Tips and Tricks

  • It is great weapon to finish off fleeing enemies or hit enemies behind cover.
  • Fire at the axion bolt that is chasing you to destroy it.

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