Unending Deluge III (Year 2)

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Unending Deluge III (Year 2)
Unending Deluge III (Year 2)
Type Machine Gun
Slot Heavy Weapon
Level 20
Rarity Legendary
Damage Type Multiple
Attack 140
Impact 37
Rate of Fire 88
Range 22
Stability 41
Reload 36
Magazine 70
Zoom 15
Recoil 70
Equip Speed 40
Aim Assist 25
Acquired by Acquired from ?? Strike
Description When it rains…
See also: Unending Deluge III (Year 3)

Unending Deluge III (Year 2) is a level 20 Legendary Machine Gun. It can be Acquired from ?? Strike.


Column 1

  • Random: Void Damage or Solar Damage or Arc Damage
  • Reforge Ready - The Gunsmith can reforge this weapon, changing its available upgrades but resetting any progression or ascension. To reforge, equip this weapon and speak to the Gunsmith.
  • Ascend - Increases the Attack value of this weapon to the highest available in Year 1.

Column 2

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