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Effect Increases the Attack value of this weapon to the highest in Year 1.
Description Increases the Light and Defense values of this armor to the highest in Year 1.
Ascend is a perk introduced in House of Wolves. Ascend permanently upgrades Legendary and Exotic Weapons to the highest Attack (365). It also upgrades Legendary and Exotic Armor to the highest light (42) and defense (??). Additionally Ascend increases Intellect/Strength/Agility stats by about 5 to 15 points.

Ascend does not reset any of the perks or experience you have already unlocked. You do not need to have the HoW expansion to use Ascend. You can use it on gear obtained before HoW expansion.


Legendary Weapons: 1 Etheric Light, 20 Spinmetal/Helium Filaments/Spirit Bloom/Relic Iron and 750 Glimmer

Legendary Armor: 1 Etheric Light, 20 Spinmetal/Helium Filaments/Spirit Bloom/Relic Iron and 750 Glimmer

Exotic Weapons: 1 Exotic Shard, 25 Weapon Parts, 1500 Glimmer

Exotic Armor: 1 Exotic Shard, 25 Plasteel Plating/Sapphire Wire/Hadronic Essence, 1500 Glimmer


55A-allFATE, Admonisher III, Amplified GEO-D6, Arma Engine DOA, Deadshot Luna SR1, Dry Rot 32, Efrideet's Spear, Exodus Plan RS/1, Felwinter's Lie, Final Rest II, Gheleon's Demise, Give/Take Equation, Hard Luck Charm, Her Benevolence, Her Courtesy, Her Mercy, Her Right Hand, Hygiea Noblesse, Jolder's Hammer, Judgement VI, Low Down P-XIV, One/One Synesthete, Pacifier X, Pax Totalus EPR8, Payment VI, Perun's Fire, Pest Control Matrix, Radegast's Fury, Red Hand IX, Rude Awakening DOA, Sawtooth Oscillator, Silimar's Wrath, Skorri's Revenge, Subtle Nudge DN7, Techeun Force, The Chosen, The Conduit, The Culling, The Dreamwaker, The Fear, The Frenzy, The Fulcrum, Timur's Lash, Unwilling Soul-09, Up the Ante, Vestian Dynasty, Vindicator XI, Violator XII, Wolves' Bane, Zero Point LOTP