Super Good Advice (Year 1)

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Super Good Advice (Year 1)
Super Good Advice (Year 1)
Type Machine Gun
Slot Heavy Weapon
Level 20
Item Level 70
Rarity Exotic
Damage Type Solar
Attack 331-365
Impact 29
Rate of Fire 88
Range 15
Stability 41
Reload 22
Magazine 58
Zoom 15
Recoil 80
Equip Speed 30
Aim Assist 30
Sights Smooth Ballistics, Soft Ballistics, CQB Ballistics
Perk 1 Crowd Control
Perk 2 Super Good Advice (Perk)
Optional Perks Single Point Sling, Hand Loaded, Flared Magwell
Acquired by A Voice in the Wilderness
Description This weapon is full of it.
See also: Super Good Advice (Year 2)

Super Good Advice (Year 1) is a level 20 Exotic Machine Gun. Super Good Advice can be obtained by completing the Exotic Weapon Bounty A Voice in the Wilderness.

Unique Exotic Perk: Super Good Advice (Perk) - Almost all shots that miss their target will return to your magazine.



Special Perks

Optional Perks

Damage Upgrades

Tips and Tricks

The returning missed shots perk works on the oracles in the Vault of Glass so it's incredibly useful if you get sent to Mars or Venus when fighting Atheon

It can be surprisingly accurate when firing a shot at a time it can almost be used like a Scout Rifle with practice. It can be very easy to get precision kills with it which makes the Eris Morn Rapid Heavy Weapon Hive Kills Bounty over in no time

If you getting swarmed by an enemy or want to take down a large group the SGA is an amazing weapon the recoil is quite intense but since almost any shot that misses goes straight back into your clip to fire again all you need to do is hold the trigger until they're all gone


After the release of The Dark Below, Attack of the weapon was increased from 274-300 to 302-331. Players can upgrade old versions of the weapon into the new one by visiting Xur and paying 1 Exotic Shard and some Glimmer.

After the release of the House of Wolves, Attack of the weapon was increased from 302-331 to 331-365. Players can upgrade old versions of the weapon into the new one by visiting Xur and purchasing 1 Exotic Shard, for 7 Strange Coins, instead of utilizing Etheric Light in the Ascend upgrade slot.