Red Death (Year 1)

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Red Death (Year 1)
Red Death (Year 1)
Type Pulse Rifle
Slot Primary Weapon
Level 20
Item Level 70
Rarity Exotic
Damage Type Kinetic
Attack 302-365
Impact 26
Rate of Fire 66
Range 33
Stability 44
Reload 76
Magazine 27
Zoom 17
Recoil 65
Equip Speed 70
Aim Assist 50
Sights Accurized Ballistics, Field Choke, Aggressive Ballistics
Perk 1 Unflinching
Perk 2 Red Death (Perk)
Optional Perks Snapshot, High Caliber Rounds, Single Point Sling
Acquired by Purchased from Xur
Vendor Xur
Cost 23 Strange Coins
Description Vanguard policy urges Guardians to destroy this weapon on sight.
See also: Red Death (Year 2)

Red Death (Year 1) is a level 20 Exotic Pulse Rifle. Red Death can be purchased from Xur for 23 Strange Coins.

Unique Exotic Perk: Red Death (Perk) - Each kill heals you and speeds up reloads.



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After the release of The Dark Below, Attack of the weapon was increased from 274-300 to 302-331. Players can upgrade old versions of the weapon into the new one by visiting Xur and paying 1 Exotic Shard and some Glimmer.


Red Death is a possible reference to the short story by Edgar Allen Poe of the same name. Story where rich nobility tried to sequester themselves away from the plague, only to be slaughtered by a mysterious specter who got into the party.