Reciprocal Rune

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Reciprocal Rune
Reciprocal Rune
Type Summoning Rune
Rarity Common
Function Activate Tier 1 event in Court of Oryx.
Description Recommended Light: 190 An ancient relic that summons one of Oryx's lieutenants in the Court of Oryx.
How to Obtain
Acquired by Opening chests on Dreadnaught, completing Quests, purchased from Eris Morn at Rank 5
Reciprocal Rune is a Common Summoning Rune that can be used to activate Tier 1 difficulty in Court of Oryx.

Reciprocal Rune can be acquired from opening chests on Dreadnaught, completing Quests and purchased from Eris Morn at Rank 5 for 500 glimmer and 10 Black Wax Idols.

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