Black Wax Idol

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Black Wax Idol
Black Wax Idol
Type Consumable
Rarity Common
Function Increase Glimmer dropped by Hive enemies for 10 minutes
Related NPC The Hive
Description A misshapen figure that transmutes into Glimmer as you strike down Hive enemies. Lasts a short time. Definitely not made of wax.
How to Obtain
Acquired by Dropped by powerful Hive enemies and found in Hive loot caches

Black Wax Idol is a consumable item that can be used by your Ghost to draw more Glimmer out of Hive enemies for 10 minutes. They are randomly dropped by Hive enemies.

Acquired By

  • Found in Hive loot caches

Used For

  • Increase Glimmer dropped by Hive enemies for 10 minutes

Farm Spots

Start the level 26 The Wakening on Heroic. Play to the area named Chamber of the Night. Kill all the Hallowed Hive Majors (enemies with yellow names) then kill yourself or let yourself die. Repeat the process.

  • This is also a good spot to acquire glimmer.

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