Husk of the Pit (Year 3)

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Husk of the Pit (Year 3)
Husk of the Pit (Year 3)
Year 3
Type Auto Rifle
Slot Primary Weapon
Level  ??
Rarity Common
Damage Type Kinetic
Attack 250–350
Impact 2
Rate of Fire 100
Range 13
Stability 37
Reload 51
Magazine 37
Zoom 15
Recoil 70
Equip Speed 35
Aim Assist 40
Acquired by Killing high level Ogres
Description Dessicated and nigh-inoperable this Hive artifact still manages to send shivers up your spine when fired.
See also: Husk of the Pit (Year 1)

Husk of the Pit (Year 3) is a level ?? Common Auto Rifle. It can be upgraded into Eidolon Ally (Year 3) and finally Necrochasm (Year 3) (an Exotic Auto Rifle) in The Crux of Darkness quest.

Farming Thralls/Knights/Wizards to Upgrade HotP Guide

  1. You know what enemies you have to fight by hovering above the last perk of your Husk of the Pit.
  2. Enemies with yellow bars will not fill the HotP progression bar.
  3. Named enemies (even with red bars) will not fill progression bar.


The Dark Beyond: Fast and easy, this good old method (as old as Destiny itself) consist in running through the mission until you revive a fallen guardian. Once the cutscene over, kill as many thralls as you can (there will be quite a lot of them), then die and repeat.

Siege of the Warmind: Also an old farming spot. Run through the mission until you get in the Bunker. There will be a lot of thralls in here, kill them all then jump of the map to kill yourself and repeat the process. This is probably even faster than the previous method.

Crota's End : Another way of harvesting thrall souls for your Husk of the Pit is jumping in the Abyss of Crota's End. Many thralls will be waiting for your Husk to quench its thirst on their lost souls.


The First Firewall: If you (still) have access to this mission, it's a good spot.

Dreadnaught Patrol: Run around the Court of Oryx, there's a bunch of knights spawning here and there (counted at least 5 or 6 of them).

Earth Patrol: Go to Rocketyard, 4 knights are in this area and they respawn fairly fast.

  • Rocketyard for Knights: one fighting dregs and a Servitor at the entrance to the area, one fighting Fallen along with some Acolytes in the middle of the area, and two in the sunken area before the entrance to the Devils' Lair strike. Alternated between killing the two, running back to the middle to kill the one, and then repeating back to the two (very fast spawn). Took me about 15 minutes contending with the Taken event as well.

Moon Patrol: Near the beginning of the Summoning Pits Strike, right at the entrance of the undergrounds, 3 knights spawns quite often there.

The World's Grave: If you're an adept of the "Rinse'n'Repeat" Method, you can run through that mission until the very last room, kill all knights (there should be 1 outside the room and 2 inside), die and repeat (you will respawn not far from that room). If you play with a friend who needs thralls, you can stick together and do this missions since there's a bunch of thralls at the same checkpoint.

Chamber of Night: If you're more into running though a mission crushing everything on your road, this a pretty good mission : I counted a good dozen of knights. Only downside : it actually take some time to encounter your first knight.

Siege of the Warmind: Same checkpoint as for thralls, just go for the knights (2 of them spawn here).


Dreadnaught Patrol: When running around Court of Oryx, you have a chance to meet with wizards. From what I've heard, when standing in the CoO room (where you spawn at the Beginning of Crota's End), go on one side (like if you'd go grab the orb) and there should be a wizard, kill it, then run to the other side and if everything's going as planned, a wizard should be waiting for your wrath. Once dead, the first one should've respawned, so just repeat the cycle.

Chamber of Night: Run through the mission until you get to a room where a ship will spawn dropping a wizard and a bunch of acolytes. Kill the wizard and... you get it, "Rinse'n'Repeat" !

Lost to Light: Beginning of the mission, you'll get in a darkness zone. There's one wizard, kill it, die, repeat. Simple.

The Last Array (LL240): First of all, put the mission at Light Level 240. Run all the way to the end of the mission where hive ships starts appearing. 2 wizards will spawn from the first ship, kill them and jump off the cliff to repeat the process.

Moon Patrol: Go underground and make your way from one side to another killing every wizard on your way. Might be a bit hard to orientate yourself if you're not used getting down there, but you'll eventually make it. It's not one of the fastest methods though...

Summoning Pits : At Final Boss arena, just stay to that little room you just came from and destroy the shrieker. Eventually a group of 3 wizards should come for you.

  1. At the final boss area, stay in the little room prior. One person must stay in the room at all times or the Wizards de-spawn.
  2. There is a gun thing from the roof you'll have to take out every minute or so.
  3. Each time you take out the gun, 3 or so Wizards will spawn and come at you.
  4. Kill the Wizards
  5. Repeat


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