Fight Fire with Fire

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Fight Fire with Fire
Fight Fire with Fire
Type Quest
Quest Type Miscellaneous Quests
Number of Steps 2
Reward Velumbra
Description The Reef needs the assistance of a Guardian to suppress a Taken incursion through the Court of Oryx.

Step 1: Gather the Essence

Task: Gather Essences of Darkness from Court of Oryx Champions. More challenging Champions yield more essences.

Quote: "New activity at the Court does not bode well for the Reef. Show them the true force of a Guardian." —Petra Venj

Objective: Obtain 6 Essence of Darkness by defeating Champions in the Court of Oryx.

Rewards: -

Tips: -

Step 2: Return to Petra

Task: Speak with Petra Venj in the Reef

Quote: "Hurting the Taken won't return our queen to us. It does make her absence slightly easier to bear." —Petra Venj

Objective: Return to The Reef and speak with Petra.

Rewards: Experience | Velumbra (Sparrow)

Tips: -