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Experience Points increase your level, unlock more abilities and Class Upgrades. Additionally, your uncommon or higher weapons and armor can also gain experience and unlock Weapon Upgrades and Armor Upgrades.

Player earn experience points from killing enemies, completing Story Missions, Strikes, Bounties, Public Events and Crucible matches and turning in Mission Items at The Tower.

Currently the max guardian level is 40. At level 40, players will continue to earn experience points but stop advancing in levels, instead, they will gain 5 Mote of Lights for every level up.

  • If you want to level up beyond 40, you need to find gear with Light stat on it.

Weapon Experience Points

Leveling Exotic Weapons

See also: Exotic Weapons

Each Sights upgrade requires 20,000 XP to unlock.

The first Weapon Upgrade requires 10,000 XP to unlock.

The first Upgrade Damage is unlocked after unlocking all of Sights.

The 3 Optional Perks require 20,000 XP each to unlock.

The second Weapon Upgrade (the upgrade unique to the exotic) is unlocked after unlocking the second Optional Upgrade.

The second Upgrade Damage is unlocked after unlocking all 3 Optional Perks and earning 20,000 XP.

The last 3 Upgrade Damages require 20,000 XP each to unlock.

To fully unlock all the upgrades on a Exotic weapon, you will need to earn 190,000 XP on it.

Armor Experience Points

When you complete in-game activities such as bounties, all of your gear slots gain the same amount of experience points. For example, your Helmet slot armor gains 100 XP, Chest Armor gains 100 XP, Gauntlets gain 100 XP and Leg Armor gains 100 XP. The experience you gain is a flat amount across all the slots. You cannot unequip gear to target level a specific slot because the experience gained is not divided among them.