Fatebringer (Adept)

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Fatebringer (Adept)
Fatebringer (Adept)
Year 3
Type Hand Cannon
Slot Primary Weapon
Level  ??
Rarity Exotic
Damage Type Arc
Attack 320–400
Impact 81
Rate of Fire 22
Range 40
Stability 32–38
Reload 33–43
Magazine 12
Zoom 15
Recoil 95
Equip Speed 36–51
Aim Assist 61–66
Acquired by Vault of Glass (Age of Triumph)
Description But where is your fate, and who brings it to you?
Fatebringer (Adept) is a level ?? Exotic Hand Cannon. It can be dropped from Vault of Glass (Age of Triumph).


Column 1

  • Arc Damage - This weapon causes Arc Damage.
  • Oracle Disruptor - This weapon deals bonus damage to Oracles in the Vault of Glass.
  • Infuse - Consume a more powerful Weapon to boost the Attack value of this Weapon.

Column 2

  • SteadyHand IS - Stable sight. Optimized for excellent recoil control.
  • SureShot IS - Snapshot sight. Excellent handling. Superb target acquisition.
  • QuickDraw IS - Agile sight. Lightning-fast handling.

Column 3

  • Firefly - Precision kills with this weapon cause the target to explode.

Column 4

  • Field Scout - Increases carried Ammo capacity.
  • Single Point Sling - Switch weapons faster. Move quicker while aiming.
  • Explosive Rounds - Volatile payload explodes on impact, dealing a portion of the weapon's damage in an area.

Column 5

  • Outlaw - Precision kills with this weapon dramatically increase reload speed.

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