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Exotic Quests or Exotic Weapon Quests are Quests that award the player with an Exotic Weapon upon completion.

 Tier 1 LevelStarting NPCNumber of StepsRewardDescription
A Light in the Dark (Quest)??Thorn (Year 3)This is a story told in whispers, the story of a darker path. Would you follow? Would you dare?
A Sword Reforged??Crucible Handler6Raze-Lighter
The story of a sword and its wielder.
Beauty in Destruction??Gjallarhorn (Year 3)
Iron Gjallarhorn
The tale of a weapon forged for a new Iron Lord.
Channeling the Corruption??Outbreak Prime
Hunger Pangs (Quest)??Eris Morn2 x 3Touch of MaliceThe story of the Hive, and a choice made long ago.
Hymns of Fire??GunsmithAbbadon"People say the assault on the Moon was a bad idea. I don't know about that... seems worse to just surrender that ground without trying to fight." - Banshee-44
Jolly Holliday40Shipwright10The ChaperoneThe story of Tex Mechanica's contest for a shotgun with a long history.
Shattered Past??Eris Morn2The story of the Hive, and a choice made long ago.
Songs of the Void??Warlock VanguardNova Mortis"Great deeds are often preserved in song. Who remembers the names of the singers?" - Ikora Rey
The Crux of DarknessNecrochasm (Year 3)A Guardian's quest to turn Darkness against its champions.
The Old Hunger??4The story of the Hive, and a choice made long ago.
The Sleeper Stirs6, 2Sleeper SimulantThe tale of a sleeping giant, who dreamed of war.
We Found a Rifle??Khvostov 7G-0XThe story of a Guardian, a Ghost, and a gun.