Cult of the Worm

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Cult of the Worm
Type Arena
Location The Reef, Asteroid Belt
Players 3
Tier 2 Level 32
Tier 3 Level 34
Description "Gulrot, Unclean has been summoned by the Worm Keepers. Don't let the beast's filth spread beyond the prison."
Machine Wrath is a level 32/34 Challenge Mode in The Prison of Elders Arena. While it requires a group of 3 players, this mode does not have automatic match making.


Level 32 - House of Judgement +200, Armor Core, 2 Small Chests, 1 Large Chests

Level 34 - House of Judgement +300, Weapon Core, Etheric Light, 2 Small Chests, 1 Large Chests, Chance of The Elder Ciphers

Rounds and Modifiers


Gulrot, Unclean is a Hive Ogre.

Mechanic: Gulrot slows the players. Each session of slowness last for 10 seconds.

He is staggered by 2 crits from Black Hammer or 1 crit with Weapons of Light.