Blades of Crota

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Blades of Crota
Blades of Crota
Task Hunt the Knights who serve as Blades of Crota on Earth and the Moon.
Description "Face the Blades. Let them know your Light will never fear the edge of their jagged bone."
Experience 3750
Reputation 75

Blades of Crota is a Common Eris Morn Bounty. It requires the player to kill 3 Hive Knights that are holding Blade's Sword (The sword you can pick up after you kill them) on Earth and Moon.

The world event was removed in Update 1.2.0, but Guardians can still find Blades of Crota in the story mission Fist of Crota.

Tips and Tricks

These Hive Knights with Swords are found on Earth and Moon.

When you see "Blades of Crota have invaded this world" appear on screen, the Hive Knight is here.

If you see 3 acolytes performing a summon, you can interrupt them to have the Blade of Crota spawn early.

  • Do Fist of Crota, skip Omnigul in the beginning. Enter the building and you will encounter a Blade wielding Hive Knight.

A good area to farm this bounty is the old lootcave in Skywatch, outside of the Jovian Complex. One of Blade of Crota can spawn in the lootcave, another can spawn at the entrance of Jovian Complex.

A very easy trick to do this bounty is to start the Fist of Crota quest. You will go past Omnigul and disrupt the ritual, you kill the Blade than go all the way to the last room and let yourself get killed by Sardon. You will re-spawn inside the last room. Just go back, almost to the entrance of the building, while you get up the stairs leading to the last rooms of the building, you will ear a sound and the message will pop up that the minions have started a ritual. Go back to the ritual, disrupt it and the blade will appear again. Kill it and do it a third time. Takes about 5 minutes to do with a high level character. NOTE: it is a pretty good place to do quite a few Eris Morn Bounty such as the Let's Dance bounty (using the blade on Thralls) and the Deadshot Collector as you can re-do the entire level quite easily by getting yourself killed by Sardon (the entire minions of Omnigul in from of the entrance will re-spawnn as well).