Husk of the Pit (Year 1)

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Husk of the Pit (Year 1)
Husk of the Pit (Year 1)
Type Auto Rifle
Level 10
Rarity Common
Damage Type Kinetic
Attack 138
Impact 2
Rate of Fire 100
Range 13
Stability 37
Reload 51
Magazine 37
Perk 1 Cannibalism
Acquired by Rare drop from Blade of Crota, the Sword wielding Hive Knights
Description Dessicated and nigh-inoperable this Hive artifact still manages to send shivers up your spine when fired.
See also: Eidolon Ally and Necrochasm
See also: Husk of the Pit (Year 3)

Husk of the Pit (Year 1) is a Common Auto Rifle. It is an extremely rare drop from Blade of Crota, the Hive Knights with Blade's Sword that you can pick up after you kill them. Even though it is common, do not dismantle it! Husk of the Pit evolves into the Legendary Auto Rifle Eidolon Ally with Embalming Orb purchased from Eris Morn. Embalming Orb cost 10 Black Wax Idols and requires the player to be rank 3 or higher with Crota's Bane.

Unique Perk: Cannibalism - Requires the player to kill Hive enemies to unlock the upgrade.

Drop Rate: Husk of the Pit randomly drops from Blade of Crota (Hive Knight that drops sword you can pick up). The weapon is not an item or object you can pick-up. It is automatically placed in your inventory. You do not need to have a specific rank with Eris Morn. You do not need to be a specific level. You do not need to use Black Wax Idol.


Tips and Tricks

How to Obtain

Husk of the Pit is a rare drop from Blade of Crota. To farm the weapon, players should do Fist of Crota, the first quest from The Dark Below.

Skip the initial mobs til you find some acolytes performing a summoning ritual. Kill them, and then kill the Blade of Crota that they have summoned.

Repeat the process til you obtain the Husk.

  • When you are farming, you do not need to reload the mission, just continue down to the darkness zone and kill yourself. When your spawn again, run back to the stairs just before the ritual site and The blade spawns again. (However, it is slightly faster to return to orbit and reload the mission, especially if you travel past the initial mobs to the ritual site by sparrow)

How to Level

Tips for leveling this gun: Load the moon's first mission, The Dark Beyond and set the modifier to level 9. Get to "We've woken the Hive". Kill most of the Thralls and any majors except the knight, but make sure you die before you kill everything. Rinse repeat until the weapon is maxed.

  • Took me roughly around 490 kills to do this method.


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