Treasure Key

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Treasure Key
Treasure Key
Type Consumable
Rarity Legendary
Function Opens chest at the end of level 28, 32, 34 or 35 modes of Prison of Elders
Description Used to access the Queen's Crystal Barrows beneath the Prison of Elders.
How to Obtain
Acquired by Ether chests from Wanted Bounties, Turning in Wanted Bounties, Opening small chests in PoE, Finishing HoW Story Missions and First Wanted Bounty completion of the week

After April Update, Treasure Key can be turned to Variks for 50 House of Judgment Reputation.

Treasure Key is a Legendary Consumable used to open the Large Chests at the end of level 28, 32, 34 and 35 Prison of Elders Arena Modes. Players can only open the chest after defeating the final boss. Each run feature 1 chest and each opening consumes 1 key. You can have 5 keys in your inventory at a time.

Guaranteed 1 Key:

Try for more Keys:

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