The Trolley Problem

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The Trolley Problem
The Trolley Problem
Type Fusion Rifle
Slot Special Weapon
Level 20
Item Level 60
Rarity Legendary
Damage Type Random Elemental
Attack 272-331
Impact 95
Charge Rate 15
Range 53
Stability 33
Reload 61
Magazine 4
Zoom 15
Recoil 46
Equip Speed 34
Aim Assist 35
Acquired by Purchased from Crucible Quartermaster
Vendor Crucible Quartermaster
Cost 150 Crucible Marks
Description Pull the lever. It's the right thing to do.
The Trolley Problem is a level 20 Legendary Fusion Rifle. The Trolley Problem can be purchased from Crucible Quartermaster for 150 Crucible Marks.



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The Trolley Problem is a reference to the popular ethics thought experiment where doing nothing allows a runaway trolley to kill multiple people but pulling a lever makes it kill one.