Suppressor Grenade

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Suppressor Grenade
Class Titan
Subclass Defender
Type Grenade
Damage 140
Radius 7m
Prerequisite Spike Grenade
Next None
Function Shuts down all player abilities (including active supers) for 10s. Against AI, disables all special abilities. Ultra AI are unaffected.
Description An explosive grenade that prevents enemies from using abilities for a short time.
Key Bind L1 or LB

Suppressor Grenade is a grenade used by Defender. All enemies struck by the grenade's explosion (7 meters radius) cannot use their abilities for 10 seconds. In PvP, it disables all abilities on enemy players, including supers that are active. In PvE, it disables enemy's special abilities, although Ultras are not affected by it.

  • If the thrower of the Suppressor Grenade is caught in its explosion, their abilities are also disabled.

Tips and Tricks

  • Even with abilities disabled, enemies can still shoot at you with their weapons.
  • Aside from the disabling, suppressor grenade still deals up to 140 damage in 7 meters radius.

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