Skyburners Command Beacon

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Skyburners Command Beacon
Skyburners Command Beacon
Type Consumable
Rarity Common
Function Used to spawn an enemy that drops Skyburners Deployment Code.
Description Could be useful for setting up an ambush for the Cabal incursion.
How to Obtain
Acquired by Drops from Cabal Centurions, Colossi and Phalanxes, on the Dreadnaught.
See also: Skyburners Deployment Codes

Skyburners Command Beacon is a Common Consumable.

Obtained By

Used For

  • When you spawn on the Dreadnaught, a broken Cabal ship is in front of you. Walk through the door and on the left is a console. Use the beacon to activate the console. A dropship will come with a Cabal Champion. Defeat the champion and receive Skyburners Deployment Codes.
Skyburners locations (blue) map created by MyxoDv

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