Patience and Time (Perk)

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Patience and Time (Perk)
Effect you gain cloak (stealth) while aiming down sights.
Description You gain active camouflage while aiming down sights.

Patience and Time (Perk) is a weapon perk that is unique to the Exotic Sniper Rifle Patience and Time.

Effect: You gain cloak (stealth) while aiming down sights.

  • The stealth is not instantly, it takes about 3 seconds for it to activate.


Patience and Time (Year 1)

Tips and Tricks

  • Firing your weapon or taking a shot will take you out of invisibility.
  • You do not camouflage immediately after Aim Down Sights. Camouflage occurs about 3 seconds after ADS.
  • You can fire the weapon within that 3 seconds and you'll still turn invisible.
  • The camouflage wears off after about 8 seconds.
  • In PVE mobs generally lose aggro of you shortly after stealthing. Just be careful of anything with an AoE attack, like Minotaurs or Centurions; they'll keep firing at where you were, which may be close enough to hit.