Hellfire Pylon

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Hellfire Pylon
Hellfire Pylon
Type Fusion Rifle
Slot Special Weapon
Level 20
Item Level 60
Rarity Legendary
Damage Type Random Elemental
Attack 300-365
Impact 97
Charge Rate 13
Range 55
Stability 28
Reload 62
Magazine 4
Zoom 15
Recoil 75
Equip Speed 35
Aim Assist 30
Acquired by Purchased from Crucible Quartermaster
Vendor Crucible Quartermaster
Cost 150 Crucible Marks
Description In the heart of the weapon a raging fire tears matter down into base fury.
Hellfire Pylon is a level 20 Legendary Fusion Rifle. Hellfire Pylon can be purchased from Crucible Quartermaster for 150 Crucible Marks.



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