Hand of Crota

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Hand of Crota
Type Quest
Location Old Russia, Earth
Players 1 to 3
Tier 1 Level 26
Previous The Extermination
Next Will of Crota
Description Patrol the Lunar Complex in Cosmodrome. Seek out the Servant of the Hand to lure out its master.
Hand of Crota is a level 26 Eris Morn Quest found in Old Russia, Earth. Players can acquire the quest after completing The Extermination. By completing this along with Eyes of Crota and Heart of Crota, players will unlock Will of Crota quest, The Will of Crota strike and Nightfall Strike Playlist.

Enemy Location: Lunar Complex in Cosmodrome. After you enter the dark room before the wizard, head straight until you reach the back corner of the room and a thrall will be hiding there. Kill it then kill a bunch of enemies that spawn including Hand of Crota, a Hive Knight.




4000 Experience Points
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