Fused SIVA Offering

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Fused SIVA Offering
Fused SIVA Offering
Type Consumable
Rarity Uncommon
Function Activates Light Level 320 Event in Archon's Forge
Description Recommended Light: 320 Used to incite the fury of the Devil Splicers in Archon's Forge. Face a Splicer onslaught led by a Servitor / a Captain / a trio of dregs / a Vandal / a Vandal Shank Master fused with basic SIVA technology.
How to Obtain
Acquired by Defeating Splicers in Patrol and Archon's Forge
Fused SIVA Offering is a Uncommon consumable SIVA Offering.

Obtained By

Used For

SIVA Offering is divided into 5 types: Dreg, Shank, Captain, Servitor, Vandal each determines the type of enemy you'll encounter in that Archon's Forge event.

How to Farm SIVA Offering

The Splicer Captain in the Rocket Yard, next to the hole in the wall with sensor grid has high SIVA Offering drop rate.

From spawn in Plaguelands, keep to the right wall and move forward. Take the doorway to the tunnels that lead to the big open area. Diagonally front and left across from you is the exit to more tunnels. These tunnels lead to the Rocket Yard. Right before you go into the rocket yard is the yellow bar Splicer Captain. Just killed him three times and got a rare one

Image of Splicer Captain spawn area:

Siva offering farming area1.jpg

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