Extermination Protocol

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Extermination Protocol
Extermination Protocol
Task Defeat 200 Fallen with headshots.
Description The Queen needs to align herself with Guardians capable of removing threats to the Reef. Hunt and execute Fallen to demonstrate your value.
Experience 5000
Reputation 100

Extermination Protocol is a Basic Reef Bounty. It requires the player to Defeat 200 Fallen enemies with headshots. Players are awarded 100 reputation points with The Queen upon completion.

Tips and Tricks

Alternately, for the 200 Fallen headshots, I'd recommend going Patrol Venus, going left upon spawning, and farming headshots before going inside the Ember Caves.

When you first arrive, there is a small group of 3 Vandals.

Continuing straight, there are 3 Dregs and a Vandal (at this point there should be Fallen above you on the platform shooting down at you).

Head right towards the streams and boulders for 2 Dregs, 3 Vandals, and 2 Shanks.

Keep walking up the hill towards the platform (under a little bridge) for another 3 Dregs and 2 Vandals.

Lastly, upon entering the Ember Caves (this was a good loot spawn before the patch) there is a yellow-bar Captain, 3 Vandalls, and a Shank.

Head back to the first 3 Vandals in the middle of the 'park' and restart. You can do these small mobs in any order you would like, but the order I posted allows the spawns to cycle at a continuous rate. Levels are low-ish, and there are a ton of Spirit Bloom and chest spawns. Also, although believed to be randomized, I normally get 2 'Pyramid' Patrol Missions out of a local 3 that can be completed within this park. That makes for ~20 Fallen within a minute. I know there are newer 'loot cave' spawn traps, but this method there is never any waiting or mindless staring.