Crucible Combat (Quest)

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Crucible Combat (Quest)
Crucible Combat (Quest)
Type Quest
Quest Type Crucible Quest
Number of Steps 6
Enemy Type  ??
Boss  ??
Tier 1 Level  ??
Previous  ??
Next  ??
Description A tale in which the Guardian does battle in the Crucible under different match types.
See also: Crucible Combat (Bounty)

Crucible Combat is a level ?? Crucible Quest

Step 1: No Guns Barred

Task: Defeat opposing Guardians in the Clash playlist.

Quote: "A straight-up fight. That's Clash for you. No territories to hold, no Rifts to ignite, just your buddies and your aim getting out of tight spots. I prefer it." —Cayde-6

Objective: Obtain 12 Clash Kills.

Rewards: Experience

Tips: ???

Step 2: Not My Runner

Task: Defeat opposing Guardians while your team has an active Runner in the Rift playlist.

Quote: "The Rift match began as a Voidwalker focus exercise. We were attempting to increase the yield of the Nova Bomb. We succeeded, easily doubling the yield. But the resulting Void density was impossible to detonate." —Ikora Rey

Objective: Obtain 5 Kills with Active Runner.

Rewards: Experience

Tips: ???

Step 3: Free For All

Task: Defeat opposing Guardians in the Rumble playlist.

Quote: "No one's got your back in a Rumble. It's just you and your weapon. Word of advice: get familiar with precision shots." —Cayde-6

Objective: Obtain 12 Rumble Kills.

Rewards: Experience

Tips: ???

Step 4: Small-Team Tactics

Task: Defeat opposing Guardians in the Skirmish playlist.

Quote: "Skirmish is intense. Less people to hide behind, less distractions for your enemies. 'Course you could say the same about yourself." —Cayde-6

Objective: Obtain 8 Skirmish Kills.

Rewards: Experience

Tips: ???

Step 5: Spelunking with Guns

Task: Capture Relics in the Salvage playlist.

Quote: "Golden Age treasure is everywhere—forgotten, hidden by time and guarded by powerful agents of the Darkness. The Relic match is training to reclaim what we've lost." —Lord Shaxx

Objective: Obtain 3 Relics Salvaged.

Rewards: Experience

Tips: ???

Step 6: Talk to Lord Shaxx

Task: Return to Lord Shaxx in the Hall of Guardians at the Tower.

Quote: "The Darkness has no single form or appearance. Only its function remains the same: terminating us. The Crucible match types are my best shot at preparing Guardians for what's out there. It's been enough. So far." —Lord Shaxx

Objective: Go to The Last City, Earth.

Rewards: Experience, Crucible Reputation, Special Weapon Upgrade

Tips: ???