Conspiracy Theory-D

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Conspiracy Theory-D
Conspiracy Theory-D
Type Shotgun
Slot Special Weapon
Level 20
Rarity Legendary
Damage Type Multiple
Attack 300
Impact 67
Rate of Fire 5
Range 16
Stability 30
Reload 23
Magazine 6
Zoom 12
Recoil 70
Equip Speed 39
Aim Assist 26
Acquired by Acquired from Quest, Purchased from Vanguard Quartermaster
Vendor Vanguard Quartermaster
Cost 150 Legendary Marks
Requirement Rank 3 with Vanguard
Description You're not paranoid if there really is a monolithic embodiment of pure evil out to get you.
Conspiracy Theory-D is a level 20 Legendary Shotgun. It can be Acquired from ?? Quest. Purchased from Vanguard Quartermaster for 150 Legendary Marks.


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Tips and Tricks

  • Pros - Above average Range. High Mag Size.
  • Cons - Average Stability. Low Reload Speed and Aim Assist.
  • Recommended Perks for Vanguard Quartermaster version: Smart Drift Control, Life Support, Reinforced Barrel, Performance Bonus. Recommended Perks for Quest version: Accurized Ballistics, Rangefinder, Rifled Barrel, Performance Bonus.
  • Time-to-Kill: 1.50s (two shots)
  • 22 damage per pellet, 264 damage total