Blighted Worlds

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Blighted Worlds
Blighted Worlds
Type Quest
Quest Type The Taken King Quest
Number of Steps 1
Enemy Type  ??
Boss  ??
Tier 1 Level  ??
Previous  ??
Next  ??
Description The tale of the Guardian's assault on the Taken.
Blighted Worlds is a level ?? The Taken King Quest. It is unlocked after completing The Taken War quests.

Step 1: The Taken War

Task: Work with Cayde, Ikora, and Zavala to wage the Taken War across Earth, Mars, and Venus.

Quote: "Commander, there's something strange about the Fallen along the ridgeline here. Some of them are glowing, some…they're coming for us. I repeat, the Fallen are advancing on the outpost in large numbers. Please send backup. I repeat, we need—" —Last transmission of Vanguard outpost IS4, Venus.

Objective: Go to ??.


Tips: ???