Archon's Forge (Grimoire Card)

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Archon's Forge (Grimoire Card)
Archon's Forge (Grimoire Card)
Category Activities
Subcategory Rise of Iron
Acquired by  ??
Grimoire Score 5
Archon's Forge (Grimoire Card) is a Grimoire Card in the Activities category and Rise of Iron subcategory. It can be obtained by ???



The Archon’s Forge is an ancient Fallen rite of passage, twisted to utilize the Devil Splicers’ latest discovery.

Fallen seek to improve their station within the Splicers’ quickly-evolving caste by making offerings of dormant SIVA to the Forge. Their worth is then tested in a trial-by-combat.

The offering’s quality–fused, enhanced, perfected–determines the severity of the challenge and, in turn, the level of augmentation the petitioner will be granted should they survive.

That a Guardian would dare challenge the Forge with offerings of their own is an affront the Splicers will not take lightly.

How to Rank Up

In-game Bonus