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Story Missions

Main article: Story Missions

Story Missions are short missions that can be completed by 1-3 players. Through each mission, the player will uncover a bit of lore of the Destiny universe.


Main article: Quests

Introduced in The Dark Below expansion, players can pick up their quests from an NPC in The Tower or Reef.


Main article: Strikes

Strikes are similar to dungeons in other online games. Each strike features 1 or more bosses that can be beaten by a fireteam of 1 - 3 players (3 players are recommended for a strike).


Main article: Patrols

Patrols is a free-roam mode that allows player to explore the surfaces of Earth, Moon, Venus and Mars. During the exploration, players will encounter Patrol Missions and Public Events.


Main article: Bounties

Bounties are special tasks players can complete for experience, glimmer, Reputation and sometimes Exotic Weapons. Players can pick up bounties from the Bounty Tracker.


Main article: Raids

Raids are difficult, endgame content designed for a max level and geared for a Fireteam of 6 players. Currently Vault of Glass, Crota's End, King's Fall, and Wrath of the Machine are the raids available.


Main article: PvP

PvP or Player versus Player, allows players to battle each other for pride and rewards. In Destiny, PvP is called The Crucible.

Trial of Osiris

Iron Banner


Events are limited time events that have unique activities and rewards.