Face Your Fears

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Face Your Fears
Face Your Fears
Task Defeat 3 Fallen Walkers
Description To truly prove yourself worthy of the Queen's attention, you must face and defeat our enemy's most powerful weapons.
Experience 2500
Reputation 50

Face Your Fears is a Basic Reef Bounty. It requires the player to Defeat 3 Fallen Walkers.

Tips and Tricks

  • To accomplish this, you must land the killing blow to the Devil Walker. To easily do this, navigate your way to the Rocketyard, Old Russia during Patrol Cosmodrome. Play your way through the factory area just like in The Devils' Lair until you reach where the Devil Walker spawns in. One will be waiting so kill it. Once it dies, go back to orbit and repeat twice more.
  • Be careful when killing Devil Walker elsewhere, another player can deal the killing blow and steal your kill after you've done the damage.