A Broken Will

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A Broken Will
A Broken Will
Type Quest
Quest Type The Taken King Quest
Number of Steps 3
Enemy Type  ??
Boss  ??
Tier 1 Level  ??
Reward Arc Edge, Sol Edge, Void Edge
Previous The Taken King (Quest), The Vanguard's Hand
Next A Sword Reforged
Description The story of a sword and its wielder.
A Broken Will is a level ?? The Taken King Quest. By completing the quest, players are awarded one of the Legendary Swords: Arc Edge, Sol Edge or Void Edge. Players can obtain the quest by talking to Lord Shaxx after completing The Taken King (Quest).

Step 1: Shard of Darkness

Task: Speak to Lord Shaxx.

Quote: "I can approximate the Willbreaker shard's Darkness by the Light it has slain and...it's a lot. Who in the Tower could do something with this?" —Ghost

Objective: Go to The Last City, Earth.

Rewards: Legendary Weapon

Tips: ???

Step 2: Reforging the Blade

Task: Gather Hadium Flakes from the Dreadnaught and Motes of Light to purify them.

Quote: "Hadium reacts to both the Light and the Darkness. The Dreadnaught should have plenty of it." —Ghost

Objective: Obtain 25 Hadium Flakes and 10 Motes of Light.

Rewards: Legendary Weapon, Experience

Tips: Hadium Flakes are found in chests on the Dreadnaught. Motes of Light are obtained by leveling up beyond level 40.

Step 3: Withstand the Elements

Task: Gather materials from Mars, the Cosmodrome or the Moon that resonate with the Light.

Quote: "Relic iron from Mars responds to Void forces. The spinmetal found in Old Russia responds to Arc forces. Helium filaments found on the Moon respond to Solar forces. Which will it be?" —Ghost

Objective: Get 25 Relic Iron for Void, 25 Spinmetal for Arc or 25 Helium Filaments for Solar.

Rewards: Legendary Weapon, Experience

Tips: ???