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See also: Vanguard Quartermaster and Vanguard Bounties

Vanguard Reputation is a type of Faction Reputation awarded by completing most of PvE activities in Destiny. High Vanguard Reputation ranks unlock Legendary items for purchase. (See below for a full list).

How to Obtain

Activity No Class Item Vanguard Class Item
Vanguard Bounty (2500 XP) 50 55
Vanguard Bounty (3000 XP) 65 71
Kill Patrols 40 44
VIP Patrols 50 55
Scan Patrols 50 55
Nightfall 620 N/A

Used For

Farming Guide

We will be farming VIP Patrol Missions in Old Russia, Earth. These missions are the ones with a STAR inside.

Without the Weekly Nightfall Strike Bonus, you get around 250-400 Rep per hour.

With the the bonus (25% extra rep gain) you can obtain up to 600 Rep per hour. 25 Rep per VIP Patrol Mission

  • Begin in the Steppes and look for for VIP Patrols Missions there.

Go to the Divide if no VIP Patrols is there

Get to Rocketyard if no VIP Patrols is there.

Return to Orbit and repeat process.

All VIP Patrol Missions in the Steppes take you to the Divide. All VIP Patrols Missions in The Divide make you stay in The Divide and ocassionally take you to The Rocketyard. All VIP Patrols missions in The Rocketyard make you stay in place.

Have a Event Timer on your phone or computer, I don't recommend doing events beyond those 3 zones.

To make far more effective, do this as a fireteam. With this technique, place 1 player in The Steppes, 1 in The Divide and 1 in Rocketyard. All players in the fireteam gets credit for each patrol, none of the players need to move around. You can pick up the Kill Everything and Shoot to Loot patrols.

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