Treasures of the Lost

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Treasures of the Lost
Treasures of the Lost
Type Mystery Bag
Rarity Legendary
Function Contains 2016 Masks, Bad Juju Ornaments, FoTL Sparrow, Ghost Shell and Consumables
Related NPC Eververse
How to Obtain
Acquired by Purchased from Eververse during Festival of the Lost for 200 Silver each
Treasures of the Lost are Mystery Bag consumables that can be purchased from Eververse Trading Company during the Festival of the Lost.

Cost: 200 Silver each

Festival of the Lost 2016 Rewards

Festival of the Lost 2015 Rewards

Cost: 300 Silver for 1 bag, 500 Silver for 3 bags, 900 Silver for 6 bags

Guaranteed reward: 1 random Legendary Mask

Possible rewards: 1 Paper Glue, 1 Paper Scraps, 1 Jackolyte, 1 Flight of Shadows, 1 Skull Mask, 2 random Festival Candy

Description: Open a treasure bag to reveal its contents. Festival of the Lost 2015 Guaranteed Contents: Random Legendary Mask x1 and others