Splicer Key

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Splicer Key
Splicer Key
Type Consumable
Rarity Legendary
Function Opens doorways that are blocked by orange lasers, Get back into Archon's Forge event after dying,
Description A key to secure Splicer locations.
How to Obtain
Acquired by Defeating SIVA Fallen enemies
Splicer Key is a Legendary consumable item.

Obtained By

  • Dropped by SIVA Fallen enemies in Patrol
  • Dropped by Blood Enforcer Hive Knights while patrolling the Plaguelands.
  • ???

Used For

How to Farm Splicer Keys

You load up the Plagueland patrol. Upon coming into the spawn area there should be a Brood Wizard. You kill that and get a Splicer key(for some reason this seems to be 100% drop ratio). Anyone who hits the wizard and deals damage will get a splicer key, even the random people not in your fireteam get one and it says that "so and so got Splicer Key" in the chat text. Then you go back to orbit and repeat the exact same process.

If you spawn into there and there isn't a wizard it means you joined someone else's instance of that area and they already killed it. You can keep going back to orbit and then back to patrol and it will then put you into a new instance. There also are other places in the Archons keep where you can kill a Brood Knight as well, though it takes some time to get over to there.

Note that you can have a maximum of 10 keys at a time.

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