Skyburners Security Pass

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Skyburners Security Pass
Skyburners Security Pass
Type Consumable
Rarity Legendary
Function Gains access to a security door in the mausoleum next to the console, inside door contains a cabal loot cache.
How to Obtain
Acquired by Dropped by Cabal Major after activating a console with Skyburners Security Pass.
See also: Skyburners Deployment Codes

Skyburners Security Pass is a Legendary Consumable.

Obtained By

  • Use Skyburners Deployment Codes to activate the console located next to the door that requires the Security Pass in Mausoleum. A series of patrol missions will be activated requiring you to first kill enemies. Then you will be asked to scout the pit in the same area. Finally you will be tasked with killing a Cabal major who will drop the Security Pass.

Used For

Skyburners locations (blue) map created by MyxoDv

Video Walkthrough

Here are the complete steps as videowalkthrough to open the chest with the Skyburners Security Pass and optain the fragment and other loot.

Skyburners Chest Walkthrough

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