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Year 3
Type Pulse Rifle
Slot Primary Weapon
Level 40
Rarity Legendary
Damage Type Kinetic
Attack 380
Impact 14
Rate of Fire 66
Range 51
Stability 71
Reload 73
Magazine 33
Zoom 17
Recoil 80
Equip Speed 54
Aim Assist 36
Acquired by Dropped in Wrath of the Machine HM
Description ~replicate~ devastate your foes ~consume~ Herja ~repeat
STEEL MEDULLA~ is a level 40 Legendary Pulse Rifle. It can be Dropped in Wrath of the Machine Heroic Mode raid.


Column 1

  • Whirlwind's Curse - This weapon does bonus damage against Fallen. Bonus Agility when this weapon is equipped.
  • Infuse - Consume a more powerful Weapon to boost the Attack value of this Weapon.

Column 2

Column 3

  • Full Auto - This weapon can be fired in full auto mode.

Column 4

Column 5

  • Sign of Four - Landing three bursts on a target causes the fourth burst to do extra damage.

Tips and Tricks


  • Time-to-Kill: 1.00s (2.25 bursts, 7 crit 2 body shots), 1.50s (3.25 bursts, 13 body shots)
  • 23 damage per crit shot, 16 damage per body shot

Pros and Cons

  • Pros - High range, stability, reload speed, and mag size. Very high recoil direction.
  • Neutral - None.
  • Cons - Very low aim assist.

Recommended Perks


Coming from arguably one of the best PvE pulse rifle archetypes in the game, I the Steel Medulla solidly competes with No Time To Explain for the best DPS pulse rifle against bosses. Smooth Ballistics helps to boost it's only low base stat, aim assist, and Full Auto makes sure your RoF is always maximized. Hand-laid Stock, although it will decrease a bit of range, will keep those burst patterns tight, which is perfect because the signature perk gives you increased damage on your fourth burst, as long as your first three hit the target. High recoil direction means that the burst pattern is easy to control, and high mag size and reload speed keeps the damage flowing.



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