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Type Auto Rifle
Level  ??
Item Level  ??
Rarity Common
Damage Type ???
Attack 12
Impact 80
Rate of Fire 20
Range 21
Stability 34
Reload 32
Magazine 44
Zoom 15
Recoil 70
Equip Speed 32
Aim Assist 48
Acquired by  ??
Cost  ?
Description This auto rifle is a reliable fallback when other weapons can't be found.
Marshal-A0 is a level ?? Common Auto Rifle. Marshal-A0 can be obtained by???

A trick to get the Marshal-AO is to do the The First Curse bounty. When turning in the hand cannon Imprecation, have it equipped. When it is turned in, your primary slot will have nothing in it. It will have the loading sign, but if you go to a patrol, mission, strike, raid or crucible, it will appear as your primary weapon.


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