Gifts of the Lost

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Gifts of the Lost
Gifts of the Lost
Type Mystery Bag
Rarity Rare
Function Contains Flight of Shadows, Jackolytes and a Shader
Related NPC Tess
Description A bag of Festival gifts waiting to be opened. Contains Flight of Shadows, Jackolytes, and a Shader.
How to Obtain
Acquired by Filling up Empty Candy Satchel by killing enemies in PvE and PvP while wearing a Mask
Gifts of the Lost are Mystery Bags obtained during Festival of the Lost.

Festival of the Lost 2016

Festival of the Lost 2015

It can be obtained by filling up Empty Candy Satchel during the Festival of the Lost. Players can fill Empty Candy Satchel by defeating enemies in PvE and PvP while wearing a mask. If you complete the quests for the Festival of the Lost after the event is over, and claim you Gifts of the Lost, you will get the items listed, but the Rare Mask will be unwearable, stating that it "Requires Festival of the Lost". If you use Paper Glue you can make it permanent, and thus wearable.

Guaranteed reward: 1 random Rare Mask, 1 random Festival Candy

Possible rewards: 1 Jackolyte, 1 Flight of Shadows