First Light (Grimoire Card)

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First Light (Grimoire Card)
First Light (Grimoire Card)
Category Activities
Subcategory Crucible Arenas
Acquired by Playing in First Light Crucible Map
Grimoire Score 5
Stats Tracked Kills, Completions, Time Spent
Quote "The Earth shines so bright from here."
Description What was once an unassuming exobotany laboratory complex turned into ringside seats to the end of the world during the Collapse. Immense fissures in the Moon's crust spew a sickly yellow miasma, and hint at the utter destruction going on deep beneath the surface. Whatever the Hive are up to, they've been at it a long time, and they're not overly concerned with keeping Luna in one piece.

First Light is a Grimoire Card in the Activities category and Crucible Arenas subcategory. It can be obtained by participating in First Light Crucible Map.

How to Rank Up

In-game Bonus